25 January 2010

Gone on...

...blog-o-cation and computer-o-cation for a little while! (Taking a technology break.)

Happy Australia Day for Tuesday too!

PS. The Papercrafts Festival is on at the RNA from 5 - 7 Feb (earlier this year). Might see you there!


22 January 2010

The yellow gingham

Hello and welcome to Friday on Punch Art Fun!

Remember the yellow gingham paper I said I liked?

Here it is again. Wanted to keep a corner of it on the card, so I started with that as my base. I also rounded that bottom right hand corner too.

Then, the cupcake. Cute! It's a stamp set from Basic Grey's Nook and Pantry collection. So fun making your own cupcakes. There's sprinkles and different toppings. Kristina has a video where she used it too.

This time the card accepted some blue. Funny that. I tried blue to keep in with the summery theme. I know, you don't usually have blue cupcake bases...or do you? I guess you can.

One thing I've realised with all the cupcakes around the place - I make 'em, but I don't eat 'em. Not that I wouldn't eat one, I just don't cook them myself, so no cupcakes for me.

Now, what about a cupcake punch?

Oh, yes, please!

This one's a McGill punch and I asked the folks over there if I could share their images with you. They kindly said yes, so here you go.

I like how the packaging includes a couple of other ideas for the punches. Gets a few of the old creative juices flowing, you know?

You could also use the cupcake bit for ice cream and even hair. The cupcake holder bit is a good basket as they suggested, as well as a flower pot (with the pinking ridge cut off) or Christmas tree base.

Here's the card (and envelope) that I made using the punch.

Once again, the card accepted blue. Nice, thanks for that.

It's the same card design - one using the stamps, one using the punch. Which do you prefer?

I used some Smooch Spritz in Gold Glow on the yellow of the cupcake. It made it really shine - can you see it? Click here to see more colours. Photo Continental stocks it too. Check out some tips on how to use it here.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's some other punches in the range. I linked you over to these last week, or the week before. Fun stuff.

Well, that's it for today.

Have a great weekend!


21 January 2010

Other Summer Fun cards...

...for you to enjoy today!

As I was walking around Photo Continental I saw these papers from the Pink Paislee Sweet Cakes collection and knew I wanted to make a card using them. Nice and summery with the paddle pops, I thought.

The yellow gingham with the scallop border is Pink Paislee too - it says Fasinating on the back. The sheet comes with a scallop around the entire border - niiicce - and in yellow too, my favourite colour.

You can see I ran the Summer Fun through the Big Shot twice and then cut the shapes out, keeping the embossed border on the orange one. I went for clearish glitter - you could substitute any colour, of course.

You know how you have an idea of what you want to make and then it turns out similar, but different at the same time? These two cards were like that. No blue, thanks, not even in the background colour. Tried blue, the card almost spat it back at me! Just went with the yellow and orangeness that it seemed to want...

I made envelopes for them too. You can see the strip of paper and the label I made (using a Marvy Scallop and a circle) to decorate it.

And here's the second card. Used the sun this time and filled the whole middle with glitter. Some (like Andrew) might say there's too much glitter, but not me!

I made a tag and stamped the word "fun" with this stamp set from Sizzix. It's a nice size and the font is a classic (ie. very useable). A bit of ribbon to finish and done-o!

Hope you like them. I know I've said this before, but I apologise for the photos. I'm not a professional photographer, so my results aren't consistent all the time. Would you believe I took the two above straight after each other? Darkish and lightish...it's all how the light is reflected and whether you've left your photo taking session a bit late in the day and the sun has done it's thing and moved on from the window...

Have a couple more cards to show you tomorrow using the yellow gingham with the scallop. Really like that paper.

Til then,

20 January 2010

More googly eyes...


How are you on this fine Wednesday? Not as hot over the last couple of days as it was on the weekend. Pheewwee, had a couple of hot ones there! Today is a nice summer day - Sunday and Monday were overkill. :o)

So, got a couple of new cards to show you today.

These aren't the new ones, showed them a little while ago... Just put them in so you'd know what I was talking about.

Had so much fun using the googly eyes and the Sizzix embossing folder sets on the ones above, that I had to make a couple of new ones below.

Note the use of a mouth on the sun...

Decided he, in particular, needed one (remember I couldn't decide if the jellyfish needed one or not?). It's not as huge as usual, just subtle and kinda there - like the way my hubby smiles actually. He has a lovely easy smile that I, well, love!

And here's the fish again...like him.

Remember to make him all you do is run the embossing folder through the Big Shot (or Cuttlebug) and cut him out.

I used two scallop square punches in this one. Can you see them? One's yellow and the one that's hiding is the orange one. It makes a difference on the card, needed a bit of orange in there.

Here are the links to the Sizzix embossing folder sets if you'd like to check them out.

Set used on first lot of cards - Sizzix Beach Bum embossing folder set.

Set used on second lot - Sizzix Summer Fun embossing folder set. (I've made some different types of cards using this set - will show tomorrow).

The Marvy Scallop Punches - they rock.

And of course - the Marvy Corrugator. Hello, how Australian!


19 January 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 7/8 addition

Hello, hello!

Have an addition to pages 7/8 of the Look in the Book series today.

Basically that means that these cards below are from, or have something to do with, those pages!

If you saw the beach and water scenes last week and thought, "Gosh, I'd be here til next Christmas if I made those!" well, you can simplify them if you like.

The card above was made based on the boats from the pages. Actually, it's pretty much the boat from the bottom of page 8, isn't it? The only thing that's changed is the wind direction.

So, like the concept of one of the cards, but don't want to make the whole thing? Simplify it!

Things I did to simplify the Parachuting card from page 7:

  • I omitted the parachute altogether.
  • And the other swimming bear. See ya!
  • I changed the background to cream, which makes the card feel simpler.
  • The bear went rustic (no shirt).
  • The flower punch (jellyfish) didn't come out at all.
  • The portholes got flicked and the whole design moved up the page a bit.

Now, I realise that the new card is very different to the old one, but you get the idea. Hey, you might like both cards and make them both!

The lady bear with the red togs, flowery umbrella and three towels would look good on a card all her own. Maybe you could omit a couple of towels because she only needs one (she's at the beach by herself, afterall). You may run into problems though because you'd be getting rid of some blue and pink - you may need to add a pink fish to put the pink back in the card. Just a suggestion!

Think I'll end with this...

Bee Free!

Have you ever seen a giant bee in a boat?

Nup, me either.

Love those little bees - they still make me smile. A couple of favourites are Bee Friendly, Bee Adventurous and Bee Flexible (so cute!).

Which ones tickle your fancy?

18 January 2010

December Daily update

I have nothing to report!

Okay, that's not true. I do have stuff to report, but it's not much.

1. My photos are getting developed now.

2. I didn't get all the photos I wanted done because they weren't all in the folder. Rats. And I wasn't going to do a new order. Those forgotten photos have gone into the "just make it work" section of the DD book. That means I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

3. My photos won't be ready until Jan 19. We're currently in the busy season for photo developing.

4. I have a big pile of stuff to do with the book that I need to go through. All through December I kept putting all relevant DD stuff in the pile and it gradually got larger and larger. It's quite scary. Come on, paper's not scary, but the pile's a little daunting.

5. I might take a photo of the pile.

6. I might not. Too daunting.

And that's all I have to report.

One more thing. Got these photos done as canvases at Snapfish when they had 40% off. Andrew got the one of him and Cody for Christmas. He's wanted a dog for so long and I want him to remember this time of puppydom.

The quality is great and they both look lovely on the wall - would love to get some more done sometime.

Ever thought of getting a photo put onto canvas? Go for it, I say!

15 January 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 8

Hello again,

Time for another Look in the Book today. But only if you want to, that is!

Let's turn to page 8.

Here's some photos of the cards again.

(Remember I can do that because I own all the rights to the books and the art)

They're not great photos unfortunately. I kept getting light down in that bottom corner, so sorry about that.

I like that these four cards (pages 7 and 8) are a set. I'm a bit like that - I like to make sets and add onto the original concept (the beach in this case). I ended up with three water scenes to go with the beach one - one scene above the water, one in the water and one under the water. Just wanted to see what ideas I could come up within those three scenes.

I've just had a look at the three water cards and come to these conclusions/observations:

* A snorkel somewhere would've been good.

* A deep-sea diving bear would've been good.

* A submarine would've been good.

Oh well, typical hindsight kicking in there.

Actually, maybe I thought of those things at the time and flicked them because they were too hard.

Yep, maybe that's it. I'm saying that's it.

Still, would've been cute. Those bears are cute, but they just look like they're hanging there in the water, don't they?

I just noticed the black sea urchins in the card above. See them at the bottom there? They're not Carl punches.

Let's just talk about that for a second...

One decision I had to make when doing the book was...do I use punches from other brands, or just Carl? Not all brands were available in Australia at the time, Carl was though, and were easily accessible for the viewing public. The other reason I used (and still use) Carl punches is that they have a complete range of shapes. Lots of circles, lots of the same shape in different sizes - made things so much easier.

My decision in the end was to use mainly Carl punches (95%) and use the few others that I wanted to put in. So, the Punch Bunch Mini Sun went in as the sea urchin.

Unfortunately, Carl punches aren't readily available over here anymore, but I linked you over to the new brand available at Photo Continental last week, so that's great news. Can't be without our favourite tools!

Punch on!


14 January 2010

A blog entry from Andrew...

I know, go figure. This was all his idea. I'm just going with it...

These are his words, as told to me on Saturday (I think he wanted to recount his day):

"Warm day in Brissie.


Shifting friend's furniture around.

Mountain biking riding.

Just planted sweet potato - going to see how they go. May give you an update if anything grows.

That's about it."

You've gotta say something crafty, I said.

"It's easier to craft in the air con."

Thanks for that tip!

He was still sweating after mowing the yard...

Well, there you go. A blog entry from Andrew. Just being the supportive wife - want him to be a part of all areas of my life. And now he's a part of yours. Aren't you lucky?

13 January 2010

It's been a while since we've Looked in the Book... (p 7)

It was way back in November actually. The Christmas season was upon us...nuff said.

Got your Punch Art Fun book near you? Open up to page 7 and you'll see these cards in the book.

Here they are. Bears at the beach having a great time.

With all these Look-in-the-Book entries I try to post a card or two from the page we're talking about. I don't have real-life version of these cards, so I took some photos of them instead. I own all the rights to the art and the books, so I can do that.

Now, I said I didn't have an exact card, but I did find this.

It's the first card I ever made of a beach scene like this.

I almost didn't post it...well...because it's not good really. I mean, the concept is there, but the fine tuning isn't. As you can see in the corner it was 1999 when I made it. And 1999 is back in the day of punch art beginnings for me.

After a bit of deliberating, I decided to post the card for teaching purposes. I'm all about the teaching, so let's get to it.

Let's do a comparo of the two cards...the good, bad and ugly in the first (made in 1999) and how I improved on it in the second (re-made a few years later for the book in 2002).

1. Good - the concept.

It's a fun concept - I think I'd made a small version of a lady bear on the beach and wanted to expand on it. When I put the googles on the swimming bear, I cracked up.

Summary here - make something you like, it's more fun.

That also means, if need a male card and you can't think of anything to make, go buy one. Go on, just buy one and forget about it. Just because you make cards, it doesn't mean you have to make every card you send out. You know, it's like the pioneers in the scrapbooking world who say you don't have to scrapbook every photo (aka Stacy Julian).

Hey, you can make every card and scrapbook every photo if you want to, but you don't have to. Okay?

Summary here - it's okay to buy cards and send them out. Good for us.

2. Bad - The colours are quite frightful.

Look at the difference between the two! I used blues for the water and sky, and yellow for the sand, but honestly, the saturation of the colours makes a huge difference.

I used the colours available to me at the time and with anything, you always look for better versions as you go along and develop in your craft. You can see in the years between these cards I found some newer, brighter colours to add to my personal stash. They certainly look better - the pink towel, the lighter green fish, the darker orange fish. It's the beach yellow that's the most insipid - the second beach yellow gives the card a much needed boost. A lot of colour changing and re-arranging, hey?

The colours I used in the book aren't Bazzill, I wasn't using them then (did they exist?) - they're A4 cardstock that I bought from my local scrap shop. I also found others in bigger art stores in those huge sheets. The important denominator between them all was the saturation levels - ie. they matched colour-wise. No fluros allowed!

If you're not sure, use a trick from the quilting world. Take some swatches of your cardstock choices, stick them to a piece of paper and then photocopy them in black and white. If one sticks out too much, it's not a match because its saturation level is different from the others.

And incidentally, I use that beach yellow in the first card all the time (ie. in 2010). I use it for faces. Wouldn't be without it. Sometimes it's not the colour, but how you use it that matters.

And a second incidental - I use Bazzill almost exclusively now. It's a given with the colours they have.

Summary here - colour can make or break a card. Seriously.

3. Ugly - Too much embellishing.

Whoa, too much in the embellishing department! The Dimensional Magic on the waves/umbrella is too much and those circles on the sand/fish bubbles are too big.

See the second card? Fish bubbles became dots and the sand circles are omitted altogether. Much better.

Another thing to talk about here is pen nib size. On a busy card like this you need to use a small nib. I use 005 or 01 at these times. The 005 size is in Zig and is very small, but it's necessary sometimes. If you can't find a 005, use a new 01 - sometimes all you need is a new pen.

(I use 01 most of the time on my cards)

Summary here - Do a Coco Chanel, look in the mirror and take something off before you walk out the door. Bit hard to do on a card, but you get my drift.

PS. It's okay not to take your own advice sometimes :o)

4. Ugly again - Making things too complicated.

Let's just get it all out there. Yep, this is the ugly section again. It happens. Ugly's a bit harsh, but that's the terminology I started with!

Look at the red togs on the lady bear. Too complicated. To make them you punch out the bear in red and snip the head, arms and legs off to leave the red togs. I used a circle punch to do all three. On the bottom bear, I cut the legs off with regular scissors. Much easier and neater.

(You can see examples of this in Punch Art Fun for Everyone on page 7 - I've included some pictures so you can see where to cut)

My favourite togs to make are the black ones the boy bear is wearing. Three snips, all straight, and you're done. Hard to mess them up. The circle ones, well, they're easy to mess! (Note the right hand side of the leg of the togs - snipped a bit much off there)

Another complicated thing? The sunglasses. Both pairs on both cards are made from a heart that's been trimmed. On the first card I used a circle punch to trim, and on the second card I went for the easy option and used straight scissors.

Summary here - Don't make things complicated if you don't have to. Things that are easier to make usually look neater anyway.

5. Last point - After talking about keeping things simple (ie. reducing the embellishing and not complicating things) you'll notice that the second card has more on it. This sounds like a contradiction, but it's not.

All the added things are in keeping with the theme and they work because they add to the whole beach concept. I know what I mean by that, but I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right.

Let me put it this way - If I was to make this card again, I'd make it the same way and I wouldn't change anything. That's a good bench mark for a card (or design). If you're willing to make it the same way 8 years later, it works.

Summary here - Punch art doesn't go out of fashion. It doesn't. A circle punch is as in fashion as it was 10 years ago. More so probably.

6. Your skills will improve. Yes, they will. If you keep making cards and using those skills, they'll improve. You can see mine did in the couple of years between the cards above - the faces are better, the colours are better, it's all just better. Your skills will improve and you won't realise by how much until you go back and look at your previous stuff.

Do you take photos of the cards you make so you've got a bank of ideas to draw on? It's a good idea. It's fun to check your progress too and see how things (ie. your skills and style) have changed.

Summary here - just keep having fun. You'll get better at it.

6. Last point, really this time. This is all my opinion and if it doesn't suit you, that's fine, of course. We're all different and that's what makes the world go round!

Summary here - thanks for reading my blog. Hope to see you tomorrow!


12 January 2010

A punch video

Hello friend,

Yep, that's you!

Yesterday I linked you over to the Marvy website to see some embossing and silhouette punches. How'd you like them?

Thought you may like to see this video from Christine on how they work. I've linked you to her blog page, it's the 8 Jan 2010 entry you're looking for. She does about three videos a week on different things, so she may have posted again by the time you go over. Just look for 8 Jan.

Hands up if you now want the button punch?

My hand's up!

Cody's paw's up in agreement although he doesn't know why. He's such a good dog.

Christine's site is worth bookmarking - I visit her often and learn lots of new stuff. She demonstrates a lot of product and sometimes it's just good to see how things work, or what they're for, you know?

Okay, bye now, have a great day.

Debra :o)

PS. Above I used this Sizzix embossing folder set. Ran it through in blue and then in cream. Cut them out (one inside and one outside the embossed line) and then covered the words with glitter. The glitter looks a little sparse in the photo, but it's fine in real life.

11 January 2010

More new punches...

Talking about punches with beachy cards in keeping with the beachy theme of late...

Okay, more new things I've found...

Is this good or bad?

Sometimes it's hard to keep one's desires in check when one desires so much!

Oh well, let's try.

Okay, Martha. What's Martha got? Here's a good place to look. Lots of different ones! Looks like pretty much the whole range.

Someone's thinking over at Martha, that's for sure. They've got a lot of different borders - not just the regular ones, but now she's got deeper ones that go further into the page.

And the belly band type one that punches out a strip of paper lace I guess you'd call it. It's under Deep Edger Punches and is called Deep Edger Doily Lace Trim. See what I mean by not being a border, but a strip? Interesting, hey?

Love Martha's punches - they're very easy to use and she has great designs.

What are your favourites?

Now, new from Marvy. Or remember, maybe not new new, but newish.

These ones are Embossing Craft Punches.

These are Silhouette and Embossing Punches - a lot of detail in these!

Or, how about you look here and scroll down the whole Marvy range. Sometimes it's easier to go to one page only. Yep, I know.

Not found anything new yet?

Okay, try here and scroll down to Punches in the left hand column...if you don't find anything new here that you haven't seen, well, I'll eat my hat!

Not really, but you know what I mean.


PS. If you'd like to see other sneak peeks for CHA, start your search here.

08 January 2010

Hello, googly eyes...

Well, I haven't used them for a very long time, but I gotta say, they're pretty fun.

Yep, that's right, googly eyes.

Saw them in the shop and bought them. These cards turned out to be the perfect place to use them.

I used the Corrugator again. I manage to get the front side straight, but the back goes all a-kilter. Oh, well, it's the back.

On that note, what do you call the end pieces of the loaf of bread?

I call them the crusts. "Do you want the crust?"

Andrew calls them the backs. "Do you want the back?" Have you heard this? I don't think it's common...

Anyway, back to the supplies.

Sizzix Textured Impressions embossing set called Summer Set. Don't you reckon the Bubbles embossing folder looks like Swiss Cheese?

Marvy Scalloped Square punch - it's either the green or purple one. Probably the green.

I embossed the fish and the starfish folders and then cut the shapes out. I like doing this because the edges of the shape have the embossed line around them. It's nice.

And now, the big question of the day....

Do you think the starfish needs a mouth?

I couldn't decide, so I left it off.

Kinda looks like it's missing?

And after just scrolling back up to look at the cards again I've got another big question of the day...or a big observation of the day...

Why does the starfish on the first card have no eyes?

At the time it made sense (I made it first). Fish needs eyes. Starfish, no eyes. Made other cards, added eyes to both.

And now the starfish at the top looks like he's just really missed out on everything.

That's it for today's eye talk.

Bye now,


Ah, more eyes. Can't get away from 'em.

07 January 2010

New punches?

Anyone up for some new punches?

It's nearly time for CHA Winter (end of Jan) and the sneak peeks are coming out now. I've been on a bit of a scout around to see what's out there...always like discovering new things.

Some things may not be new new, but they're new to me, so thought I'd post them anyway.

New Fiskars - these are definitely new ones. Click on the boxes to see the images larger. Some are similar to current designs in other brands...

New Fiskars corners - more new ones. Doesn't look like they're bringing out any borders this time.

These Sullivans punches are new at Photo Continental - they're on the floor now. Click here to have a look at the regular ones. They come in six different sizes and each size is a different colour. A lot of similar ones, which we haven't been able to get for a while (yay!), and a lot of different ones too. Check them out!

You can also look on Photo Continental's site here to see the range, the colours of each size and the prices (very important!). You'll notice the range includes borders, corners and a few others. Wow, it's nice to have a whole range in stock again...

Sullivans has also got a new die cutting machine called the EZ Cut (click here for video - bottom left of page). Click here to have a look at just the pictures of the machines (there's two - little and big).

Here are their embossing folders (maybe they're plates, not folders?) - I like 50223 Flower, 50224 Vines, 50226 Flower and 50227 Swirls. Which ones take your fancy?

What do you think about the EZ Cut machine?

Have you seen these Fancy Squares from McGill? They're not new, but they're still cool. And hard to find over here.

And what about these? They're from McGill too - called Creative Motifs. They have a few shapes in the one punch.

Also from McGill - Dimensional Punches. Once again a few shapes on the one punch. Gotta have that ice cream one. They've also given an idea or two on the actual packaging of the punch. Good idea.

Phew! Lots to look at! How'd you go?

I'll keep hunting and see what else I can find, okay?

Edited to add this PS: I just stumbled across these new Cuttlebug embossing folders. Wow, lots of new ones. And some are 5 x 7 too. Hello, Marg's Melodies!

06 January 2010

More beachiness...

...beach balls, in fact.

Actually, they started out as ornaments. Remember these?

Angie will show you how to make them if you're not sure...

Yes, the glitter didn't quite reach the top. Poor old ornament - he didn't think he'd be on show for the whole world when he first came to life.

So the ornament concept can be used on cards too. I started by making the sun ones first and then moved onto the beach balls second.

Decided to put the beach balls first because the cards are smaller. It's all about visual weight, even on the blog...

This beach ball's got five folded sections with the red one being in the middle. Red's always good in the middle.

And note the background? It's the same Lines and Circles Sizzix embossing folder from yesterday...and yes, it's upside down. That is, it's de-embossed, rather than embossed. It wasn't a mistake.

Okay, it was a mistake on the yellow card below, but it wasn't a mistake on this one. I decided when I noticed I'd done it the wrong way that it was, in fact, the right way, so I went with it and did it again.

You can't make a mistake in card making unless you deem it to be so. And we know what happens when that happens...you chuck it in the old bin-o.

Here's another beach ball card. Spot the difference?

Bahama blue background (Bazzill card) - check

Lakeshore blue scallop square (Bazzill again) - check

Paper Crimper background (Marvy) - check (and it's so fun)

Yep, the beach ball has six sections instead of five. I think five sections look better because there's a middle one. Your thoughts?

Here's the mistake card.

The de-embossed card if you will.

I deemed it not to be a mistake because when do you go to the beach and not see anything de-embossed in the sand?


You can't really tell, but I used two different colours of yellow (Beeswax and Candle from Bazzill for the sun - it's a sun on this card).

And here's another, but with a couple of differences again.

The very fun Paper Crimper (or Corrugator) background and you can just see the thin line of Crystal Stickles around the edge.

A note on the Corrugator...

I herefore and hencewith state that I will be calling the Crimper by the correct name of Corrugator from now on.

This is for two reasons:

1. It's called a Corrugator

2. I'm Australian and if anyone knows anything about corrugations it's us Aussies! Corrugated iron, corrugated roads...

Andrew and I must be very Australian...we have a corrugated iron roof and two corrugated iron water tanks. No, we don't live in the sticks, we live in the city and that's what's so good about it. You can live in the city and have corrugated stuff and people don't bat an eye. Actually they give you the nod for keeping the dream alive.

Okay, enough cheese, but seriously, we have corrugated stuff all over the place. The chook shed is made from it too. That's expected though, what else do you make a chook shed from?

Just so you know, the tanks and the roof are made from a premo product called Colourbond - it's corrugated steel (yes, Andrew? I don't know all this stuff...he does) and it comes in nice colours. Our roof is cream and our tanks are dark blue. That sounds a bit weird, but it's not. They're nice.

Summary of this blog post?

2. We Aussies know a thing or two about corrugations.

3. Craft is a launching pad for interesting discussions about the geographical and cultural similarities/differences of our time.

4. (another point that came out of this blog post just now as I was typing the summary) Anyone who thumbs their nose at craft is....well, sad. We, as a response, say nothing and just sit at our desks surrounded by fun papers, tools and bits and pieces and smile to ourselves and know that we are rich because of how we choose to spend our time. And we also know we live calmer lives because of it. And we also know we don't talk about how much it costs. We know that, don't we?

Summary of the summary?

1. Corrugator rocks

2. Australia rocks

3. Craft rocks

4. We don't mock anyone who doesn't get that.

If you've made it to the end of this blog post, I congratulate you!

(And I appreciate you because you rock too)

Bye now,

Debra the Corrugator?

Debra the Cheese-in-ator?

Hmmm, okay, just Debra.


Edited to add: You won't believe this, but I just pulled out my postage stamps to whack one on an envelope and guess what they were?

Corrugated Landscapes!

Yep, that's right. Amazing, hey?

The booklet was called Corrugated Landscapes (20 stamps) and the pics were of an old shed, an old water tank, an old building and a new building - all corrugated, of course. Well, it was just weird is what it was...but cool too.