11 January 2010

More new punches...

Talking about punches with beachy cards in keeping with the beachy theme of late...

Okay, more new things I've found...

Is this good or bad?

Sometimes it's hard to keep one's desires in check when one desires so much!

Oh well, let's try.

Okay, Martha. What's Martha got? Here's a good place to look. Lots of different ones! Looks like pretty much the whole range.

Someone's thinking over at Martha, that's for sure. They've got a lot of different borders - not just the regular ones, but now she's got deeper ones that go further into the page.

And the belly band type one that punches out a strip of paper lace I guess you'd call it. It's under Deep Edger Punches and is called Deep Edger Doily Lace Trim. See what I mean by not being a border, but a strip? Interesting, hey?

Love Martha's punches - they're very easy to use and she has great designs.

What are your favourites?

Now, new from Marvy. Or remember, maybe not new new, but newish.

These ones are Embossing Craft Punches.

These are Silhouette and Embossing Punches - a lot of detail in these!

Or, how about you look here and scroll down the whole Marvy range. Sometimes it's easier to go to one page only. Yep, I know.

Not found anything new yet?

Okay, try here and scroll down to Punches in the left hand column...if you don't find anything new here that you haven't seen, well, I'll eat my hat!

Not really, but you know what I mean.


PS. If you'd like to see other sneak peeks for CHA, start your search here.

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