08 January 2010

Hello, googly eyes...

Well, I haven't used them for a very long time, but I gotta say, they're pretty fun.

Yep, that's right, googly eyes.

Saw them in the shop and bought them. These cards turned out to be the perfect place to use them.

I used the Corrugator again. I manage to get the front side straight, but the back goes all a-kilter. Oh, well, it's the back.

On that note, what do you call the end pieces of the loaf of bread?

I call them the crusts. "Do you want the crust?"

Andrew calls them the backs. "Do you want the back?" Have you heard this? I don't think it's common...

Anyway, back to the supplies.

Sizzix Textured Impressions embossing set called Summer Set. Don't you reckon the Bubbles embossing folder looks like Swiss Cheese?

Marvy Scalloped Square punch - it's either the green or purple one. Probably the green.

I embossed the fish and the starfish folders and then cut the shapes out. I like doing this because the edges of the shape have the embossed line around them. It's nice.

And now, the big question of the day....

Do you think the starfish needs a mouth?

I couldn't decide, so I left it off.

Kinda looks like it's missing?

And after just scrolling back up to look at the cards again I've got another big question of the day...or a big observation of the day...

Why does the starfish on the first card have no eyes?

At the time it made sense (I made it first). Fish needs eyes. Starfish, no eyes. Made other cards, added eyes to both.

And now the starfish at the top looks like he's just really missed out on everything.

That's it for today's eye talk.

Bye now,


Ah, more eyes. Can't get away from 'em.


  1. Cute idea! Have just started doing punch art myself. Take a look at mine on my blog. How did u make the starfish? Don't have a die cut machine and have been trying to make a cute one with my hand punches. So far I am free-handing them.

  2. Hi - I made the starfish using an embossing folder from the Sizzix Textured Impressions embossing set called Summer Set - it's highlighted above. You can click through to see what it looks like. As you said you don't have a die cutting machine hand cutting is the way to go. I'd cut a good one out of thick card then use it as a template to trace stacks more. All the best with your punch art!


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