About me

Hi there, 

This is me, Debra, at the craft show, 

This is me doing my thing. 

I love punch art, I really love it. 

Not because of what it is (well, yes, because of what it is too), but because of what it does for me. 

It makes me smile.

It makes me lose track of time as I have fun with paper and glue. 

It challenges me to see if I can come up with something new. 

It rocks. 

I love it and I always will. 

This guy is more important though. This is Andrew, my husband. 

I love punch art, but I love Andrew more. 

We've been married a long time now. 

We've been through a lot together. Some good. Some bad. Some not-so-great. Some, "Wow-we're-having-a-really-great-day-today." Some, "Golly, why is this so hard?" Some, "Gosh, I can't believe I've got a dog." (He can, he's a dog person) We've shared a lotta life together. 

He is the keeper of my stories, this man. That's not my line, but it fits us and what I wanted to say right now. 

We share. 

Share doesn't mean easy, it just means we share life together and whatever that means. 

Gosh, I'm feeling philosophical right now. 

Moving onto the dog...

This is Cody. 

He's our dog. 

He's loved by us immensely. 

He's a direct gift from God to us. I know that for a fact. 

My favourite dog? Golden Retreiver. 

Andrew's? Kelpie. 

Cody? Kelpie x Golden. Hello? 

He's smaller (like Andrew wanted), he's cute (like I wanted - seriously, I like punch art, the dog had to be cute otherwise it'd be all over), he's sandy-coloured (like I wanted), he's a good companion for bike riding (like Andrew wanted), he's smart (like we both wanted), he's gorgeous (like I needed). 

And the name, Cody? It means cushion. Nuff said. 

Yes, we all have red hair pretty much. Andrew's red, I'm strawberry blonde and Cody's golden - we match. 

I love this dog, even if I had to give him a bath after he rolled in the mud at the dog park today. He needed one anyway, so he was lucky, but seriously, his name wasn't Cody today, it was PIG. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I hope you enjoy your time here :o)