19 January 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 7/8 addition

Hello, hello!

Have an addition to pages 7/8 of the Look in the Book series today.

Basically that means that these cards below are from, or have something to do with, those pages!

If you saw the beach and water scenes last week and thought, "Gosh, I'd be here til next Christmas if I made those!" well, you can simplify them if you like.

The card above was made based on the boats from the pages. Actually, it's pretty much the boat from the bottom of page 8, isn't it? The only thing that's changed is the wind direction.

So, like the concept of one of the cards, but don't want to make the whole thing? Simplify it!

Things I did to simplify the Parachuting card from page 7:

  • I omitted the parachute altogether.
  • And the other swimming bear. See ya!
  • I changed the background to cream, which makes the card feel simpler.
  • The bear went rustic (no shirt).
  • The flower punch (jellyfish) didn't come out at all.
  • The portholes got flicked and the whole design moved up the page a bit.

Now, I realise that the new card is very different to the old one, but you get the idea. Hey, you might like both cards and make them both!

The lady bear with the red togs, flowery umbrella and three towels would look good on a card all her own. Maybe you could omit a couple of towels because she only needs one (she's at the beach by herself, afterall). You may run into problems though because you'd be getting rid of some blue and pink - you may need to add a pink fish to put the pink back in the card. Just a suggestion!

Think I'll end with this...

Bee Free!

Have you ever seen a giant bee in a boat?

Nup, me either.

Love those little bees - they still make me smile. A couple of favourites are Bee Friendly, Bee Adventurous and Bee Flexible (so cute!).

Which ones tickle your fancy?

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