05 January 2011

Some time away...

Hi there!

Hope your 2011 is off to a great start! Been pretty hot around here if you ask me and more storms are predicted. Time to hunker down in the air con and just relax, I say.

I'm having some time away from the blog for a while. I need to do this even though I've got a lot I want to write and share.

Before I go, just a quick update:

  • My December Daily album is complete except for the photos.

~ I've got spots for the photos throughout the book with the description of them written in the spots in pencil. I'm going to go to HN sometime to get them developed and get only them developed.

~ If I decide to get regular photos developed at the same time, I'll do them on a separate order to keep them separate. These are the things you learn after doing five-things-at-once scrapbooking.

~ Remember how I said that my title page didn't totally work? Too much red or something in the middle there? Well, it's still the same and I ain't fixing it!

~ I really enjoyed my DD this year. It was a commitment each day to spend the time, but it was worth it in the end. Plus I enjoy craft and always feel happier after I've spent some time doing it, so the project kinda forced me to spend the time. Makes sense.

  • My ribbon of bits in the dining room is still up. I like watching the ornaments spin in the breeze. Don't want to take it down just yet.

~ Was thinking I might take the Christmas bits down eventually and start a new one, a generic one. Flowers, rosettes, anything. Just a fun one that I can add to when I want. Will see.

  • I am spring cleaning my desk. Gosh, needs it. And putting Christmas punches and stamps away. And generally closing down shop on there. A good close down feels good.

And lastly...

  • I still have bunches of Tupperware on my spare bed! I am totally shocked at how little we've used in the last few months. Honestly, I thought half of it would be back in the drawers by now, but no. We're actually keeping cereal in the bottom drawer because we have a totally small pantry and the cereal boxes I buy for the fella are huge. Works for me and I did ask him the other day if he remembered his cereal was in there. He did. He's a real cereal dude.

~ Some of these things have gone back like I said, but not many. I am really intrigued to see how much is left after a year (yep, the fella said I had to keep it there for a year and not get rid of things willy nilly). And you're right, that's our spare bed. And you're right, how would someone sleep there? No fear, that's why the green sheet is there - lift it up and problemo sorted!

Okay, well that's it for now.

Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you soon!

Debra :o)