29 June 2009

Baby Baby...

How often do you have to make baby cards? Not often? Me neither. And yet recently I had occasion to make four at once. Worked out well because I'd just bought the Ducks in a Row collection from October Afternoon. I bought the 8 x 8 pad, journalling cards (always get those), the die cut shapes and a couple of the 12 x 12 sheets.
So the cards were made using the 8 x 8 pad (just cut strips from the papers I wanted to use) and the die cut sheets. Very simple, but cute. Not normally into the matchy, matchy thing because I never like all the designs in one line. Still don't, but I pick and choose what I do and just use those because honestly, it's just easier!
What's your scrapbooking quirk? (or quirks. I'm sure you have more than one...).

26 June 2009

A flower? And a chickadee...

Is this a flower? I think so. They're all circles roughed up with my fingernail. You can buy distressing tools, but I just use my fingernail :o). Scrap paper, a button and a bit of glitter all put on top of a little box and you've got a cute gift.

And here's the link to make a gift box of your own. Thanks, Erin.

Decided to finish the week on a non-flowery note! I love making these chicks, they're so cute.

Have a great weekend!

PS. All the flower photos this week are courtesy of me. "Thank you, Debra." "Well, that's okay, my pleasure!" :o) I don't see myself as a photographer, just a photo taker. I do see myself as a designer and one who likes to make things look pretty though, so in the blog the pretty photos go!

(They were all taken in the Joan of Arc garden in Quebec back in 2005 when Andrew and I went overseas for our tenth anniversary. And you know how that trip eventuated? We were driving in the car one day when we'd been married 9 years and I said, "We've never been overseas together. Why haven't we been overseas together? We should go overseas together!" That was it! Lucky we had the anniversary coming up so we could work it in as the excuse to go. Nice).

25 June 2009

Ledger paper

Today's flower is still using Girl Friday paper, but this time the whole thing is on grid paper from the same line. Gosh, I love all the lined papers out there! And they make great card bases. The paper itself was a little thin, so I adhered it to cardstock to give it some weight.

And I sewed the button onto the flower before putting it on the card. Must pull out the needle and thread more often. I'm not a sewer, but I like this kind of sewing.

Bye for now... :o)
PS. I just found this a while a go courtesy of the girls from Write. Click. Scrapbook. It's a site of printable papers! Useful for you? They even have Yahtzee scorecards. I used to play Yahtzee with my Granny a lot. Still have some of her scorecards. They're probably 30 years old and have her distinct handwriting on them. Never chucking those.

24 June 2009


Today's flower is in Feather Boa and Diva with Bank Roll leaves - all Bazzill Bling. That's a mini heart brad in the middle. The difference with this one though is that this time I used the back of the bling because the colours are niiiccee...particularly in the pinks.

Yep, nice. Makes me want to sit down and make another now...sometimes I just get itchy fingers and have to make something just for the fun of it.

See you tomorrow!

23 June 2009


...flower, this time in yellow. I've decided just recently that yellow is my favourite colour because it's bright and happy. Can be a hard one to pick because versions can get fluroey (if that's a word. It's not, but it is now) looking. I like the nice yellows like the one above. And that's Bazzill bling by the way and the colours are Bling and Bright Lights. And the green is Envy or Bank Roll. And the button is brown. Just brown. And there's glitter. And the background is the quilt from my spare bed!

Do you use Bazzill Bling? Really loving it at the moment...

22 June 2009

Welcome to flower week!

Hello and welcome to flower week! Each day I'm going to post a flower or project I've made. Just simple. Just easy. Just doable. Always fun.
Hope you enjoy!

I've been making a lot of these flowers lately...still. I showed you a single one a while ago, but here's a double on a book I made using my Bind-it-all. I punched out the circles first and then wiggled my scissors when I cut around the edges to make them uneven. And of course, the subtle use of glitter.

Gotta love the old Bind-it-all too. It involves punching, so what's not to like I tell ya...

See you tomorrow :o)

21 June 2009

Instant Book

Hey hey,

Here's the link so you can make your own instant book too if you like!

They're a lot of fun. I should do another one too.


Flower week


Just letting you know that this week is flower week on the old blog. Took this photo a few years ago. If you had the time and inclination, you could punch art those flowers!

PS. I don't! :o)

19 June 2009

The little book...

Here's the little book I made about Rustee and I. It's made by folding one piece of patterned paper, which is really cool to do, fun and cheap! Mum saw someone on the net do it and she showed me. You can google it to find some instructions (I'd try "make a book with one piece of paper" or similar).

So the book is small - only 15cm x 8 cm. I kept it pretty simple and used journalling tags and a couple of flower punches inside. And a subtle use of glitter, of course. If I ask Andrew if a card or project needs anything he always says, "A subtle bit of glitter." It makes me chuckle.

That's the book. Please excuse the sappy journalling if you can read it. It's just so nice having her around the place. I work at home, and am by myself a lot, so a friend is good even if she does leave dirty footprints on my patio...

Try one of the books. Fun stuff!

17 June 2009

This dog...

I've never been a dog person, but this dog has changed all that. Her name is Rustee and she's kind of the Clark family dog. She belongs to Andrew's brother, but he can't keep her, so she lives with Andrew's parents and now she's their dog. Andrew's sister has a bit of a claim on her (she calls her my Rustee) and so do we because our place is her holiday home. She comes to visit us when her "parents" are gadding about the place, which they do on and off because they're retired and they can!

She's a gorgeous dog, inside and out. I reckon she was a supermodel in her day!

So it was a few months ago that Rustee was with us for a week and she and I became friends. Apart from the fleas, the hair and the messing up of my patio with dirty footprints (all reasons why I'm not a dog person), I began to like her... a lot. She came up to see me when I was putting the clothes on the line, she sat at my office door while I worked and got really excited when Andrew came home each day. We walked up to the letterbox to get the mail (60 metres of driveway so it was a good walk for her. She's 13 afterall and can't do too much because of her sore legs although she chased Andrew down the street when he went bike riding without her!) and just had fun with each other. I would pat her, she would smile at me. She would feel good and so would I. She's really well trained too, which helps the old "I don't mind you" meter go up.

So we became friends and I've looked forward to her visits ever since. She's come a few times in the last couple of months. Gadding, I tell you! Gad, people, gad, I don't mind...

So, what does a good scrapbooker do? She makes a scrapbook about her doggy friend because she can. Stay tuned for that post soon.

Told you she used to be a supermodel! :o)

11 June 2009


Here's the link to Kristina's blog. Great videos!


My! It be cold! Sitting here with a skivvy, jumper, uggs and the heater on! Skivvys - you either love em, or you don't. I do!

A quick card for you... it's been a while since I've been here. Have had a lot happening lately and feel like I'm just getting caught up. I made this card for my dad for his birthday using two square punches for the cream and brown with apples cut from my favourite October Afternoon paper. They make some great stuff over there at OA. The ribbon is ahla Kristina Werner with a slit cut into the fold of the card so it could be threaded through.

Will post more things soon. Just need to organise a photo taking session... :o)

Bye now!