31 August 2009

Card for Jack

I've shared this card before, but I wanted to again because it's the one I sent to Jack after he sent me the pyramids.

I love making cards.

I love having a card stash.

I love it when my nephew sends me things and I can go to my stash and find just the card for him.

Inside I said, "You're special and I ain't lion."

A bit of ha ha never goes astray when you're addressing a 7 year old.


I hope you're having a great Monday!

28 August 2009

A bit more Early Bird

Do you like Early Bird as much as I do?

Do you love polka dots as much as I do?

Once again, these are big A5 cards. And I found some big A5 envelopes at KMart to send them in. Nice.

The little cup is cute, hey?

Hope you enjoyed...


27 August 2009

Hello, Early Bird!

I'm excited to share some Early Bird cards with you today. The people at Cosmo Cricket really nailed this line.

The paper and chipboard stickers were so fun to use. I'm happy to say too that I've still got some left for some more cards in the future. Nice.

I made this first. It's one of the borders with the toaster chipboard sticker on it. Went straight on my fridge. I'm not a morning person!

This one is my very favourite. Love that toaster with the toast. Very cute! Used the Fiskars Apron Lace punch for the striped border.

The photos don't really show the sizes of the cards very well. This one is an A4 folded, so it's an A5 front. Nice and big. And fun.

Love how the Cosmo people have added the vintage element to everything lately. I love artwork from the 40s/50s/60s era.

And some simple ones to finish. Cherries are everywhere right now. And the scallops are still going strong.

A bit of hand-drawn stitching, a bit of double matting (haven't done that in a while) and a bit of paper piercing. I like easy techniques that help finish a card.

And just a note on that. If a card needs finishing, and I can't figure out what it needs, it's done. Simple.

I've decided it's not worth agonising over those cards that just aren't working. Yes?

26 August 2009


Hi fellow crafters,

Have been making few different flowers lately that I thought I'd share with you.

I've blogged about these Dahlia Nestabilities before. I used them for the clown's collar, and as flowers themselves. They were cream with a blue background. Check the list on the sidebar under cards if you'd like to find them.

On the card below I added hymnal paper as a layer. It adds a different touch, don't you think?

And that's glitter on the button too.

These other flowers are similar to the one on the card except they've been cut between the petals, so each could be pinched for a more 3D look.

There are six flowers, back-to-back. They twist in the bottle, so I wanted them to look good from both sides.

Something easy and fun for the middle of the table when you next have people for dinner?

Bye now.

Early Bird cards coming up next...


25 August 2009

The last of the Lemonade...

The last of the the Lemonade cards for you today.

I left these until last because I think I like them the best.

I like the trees.

And I like the bird.

And I like that they're not too roughed up.

What do you think of the Lemonade line?

It's very fitting for us at the moment, isn't it? Winter's waved good bye, and Summer's rolled right over Spring to make a grand entrance!

Spring will assert itself soon enough though...I'm sure of it.

Some more Lemonade...

Thought I'd post these Lemonade cards for you today instead.

Lots of rough edges, glitter, chipboard stickers, Dimensional Magic, ruffled paper, fringed paper, punched borders and punched bits.

In other words...lots of experimenting.

Did I mention lots of experimenting? It's good for the creative process!

Would you like some Lemonade?


Welcome to windy Tuesday! And it's-still-hot-Tuesday. And it's-still-winter-Tuesday.

Some different cards today using the Basic Grey Lemonade line. There's a lot in the line - buttons, rub ons, brads etc, as well as the usual patterned paper. I stuck with a few sheets of paper and the chipboard stickers.

(If you check the Lemonade link above you'll see they have card kits in their lines too now. Making cards without thinking up the design is pretty appealing).

When I made these cards above, I only had the paper to use. I went through my bits and pieces here at home to embellish. It's nice to have things matchy matchy from the same line, but it's also cool to mix and match with other things too. What do you think?

The brown ledger type paper isn't from the Lemonade line. It's just one I had on my desk at the time.

On the first card I used some flowers with matching brads from Making Memories. I've had those in my stash for a few years. And that metal "always" word is even older.

The second card uses the patterned paper punched with the Retro Flower punch from EK Success. I used the large and medium sizes and finished with a button.

The sugar tin embellishment on the third card is from Cosmo Cricket Early Bird, but unfortunately they don't have the chipboard stickers on their site. Not sure why. You can see the stickers here. So fun. I've made lots of Early Bird cards, but realised I haven't posted them, so I'll do that soon too.

Posting more Lemonade cards tomorrow!

Til then,


24 August 2009


Just some random bits and pieces for this very hot Monday.

Let's start with the weather, shall we?

1. This weather is weird. 33c and it's still winter. Very weird. My washing was dry as soon as I put it up. If you don't believe that, I don't blame you.

2. She has gone home. Got to keep her for an extra few days, so I'm grateful for that. Til next time, Smiley.

3. Drove under this bridge again recently and realised it is very wirey... if that's a word. I still don't mind it, but don't be asking my dad what he thinks. Or my husband. Just don't.

Another thing I realised? I've probably been yakking about something a lot of people haven't seen. I drive happily (unless stuck in traffic, then I just drive) all over the city, but a lot of people in our fair city don't.

Oh no, we don't travel to the Southside!

Oh no, we don't go to the Northside, it's too confusing!

Sound familiar?

If you do cross the continents, have a look at the bridge. That is unless you circumvent the city altogether, then no looky at the bridge for you. :o)

4. This is what my vaccum cleaner cord did by itself this morning. Hey, that's a treble clef! Well, almost...it's a bit out, but it's close. I've read a bit of music in my day. And played a bit too. A bit. That's it.

5. The I-wanted-a-photo-of-the-double-rainbow anecdote.
Firstly, it's a double. Lean forward... See it?


So, I was trying to get a photo while driving in the car. Hey, I wasn't driving! The fella was driving. I was photographing, thank you.

Click. Check. Nup, powerlines.

Oh, this looks like a good one. Nup, more powerlines.

Click. Check. Nup, random cars and too much road. And powerlines.

Try again. Click. Check. More powerlines. More random cars. More road.

"The city is destroying nature!" Andrew yelled. Well, he didn't really yell, but he emphatically used the words "destroying" and "nature".

So I took about 11 shots. They weren't great.

In a last ditch effort to get the shot, I leant over towards Andrew, aimed the camera out his window and pressed the shutter.

Hey, not bad. And no powerlines!

And then Andrew noticed the rainbow was above a church. And that it went through the cross on the top. Very fitting in our opinion. Very.

It turns out we got a random shot that's so not.

6. A random card.

An intentionally placed random card.

Decided to slot this one in here since I've been talking about driving, bridges, travelling and circumventing, and the card uses map paper (actual map paper from a road atlas), and that's a coefficient correlation if I ever saw one.

Yes, that's what we're all about here at Punch Art Fun...Life and Craft - Living in Harmony Together. :o)

Random facts about the card:

The blue background cardstock is Arctic from Bazzill. One of my often-used cardbase colours. Besides cream. Cream is my most-used. And most-loved.

The scallop is this big fella from Sizzix. It's 4" high. Nice. I've showed you it before, haven't I?

The lined paper is just lined paper. I used some lined scrapbooking paper, but you could rip a page out of a notebook and just use that. If it's too thin, just add another layer of white card behind. Easy. And cheap.

And because it's thin, punch a couple of layers at once to avoid ye olde paper jam in ye olde punche.

The paper is Sundowner Motel Road Map from October Afternoon. I call it Esky paper because my grandparents had a metal esky with that pattern.

The button has Dimensional Magic on it. Hey, did you see the Esky paper at the top? Told you today was random!

And the card front is 5" square.

Well, I think that's it for Random Monday!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my normal, non-random self. Must be this weather, I tell ya.

Have a great day and stay cool!


21 August 2009

In my letterbox

Yesterday Rustee and I walked to the letterbox and I found a letter, just for me. It was from my nephew, Jack.

What a treat get some handwritten mail and nothing else. No bills, no junk mail, no soliciting letters. Just this.

It was wrapped in a piece of paper that matched, which was stuck down with some pretty good sticky tape. He's the king of the sticky tape in his house, so he knows all about that.

After fanangling with the tape for a bit, I pulled out the pyramid. Ah, pyramids. They've been learning about different countries lately. Apparently he was a Greek last week. This must've been from when he was an Egyptian.

Doesn't matter, just love getting the mail.

Of course I'm going to send him a card back. I mean, really, that's a given.

And here's a picture of the fella himself. Love those glasses. We gave them to him as an extra little treat when we had a birthday celebration earlier in the year. They're glow-in-the-dark... nice.

Hey, Jack!

Thanks for the pyramids. I loved them!

Love Aunty Boo

20 August 2009

Another flower garden...

...and it's pink. With a bit of red.

And pink is good. So is red.

Paper is from My Mind's Eye Laundry Line - they're glittery and lovely.

And the dot paper is from Bella! Couldn't find a link for that, sorry. Bella! is spelt with the exclamation mark.


19 August 2009

Flower garden

These are so fun to make! And the easiest part? They're just stuck together with blue tac on kebab sticks. You can use tape (or really strong glue), but I went with the blue tac for the time factor, and the they're-not-meant-to-last-for-5 years factor.

Easy. Cute. Fun. Cool.



PS. Please excuse the dust on chair.