20 January 2010

More googly eyes...


How are you on this fine Wednesday? Not as hot over the last couple of days as it was on the weekend. Pheewwee, had a couple of hot ones there! Today is a nice summer day - Sunday and Monday were overkill. :o)

So, got a couple of new cards to show you today.

These aren't the new ones, showed them a little while ago... Just put them in so you'd know what I was talking about.

Had so much fun using the googly eyes and the Sizzix embossing folder sets on the ones above, that I had to make a couple of new ones below.

Note the use of a mouth on the sun...

Decided he, in particular, needed one (remember I couldn't decide if the jellyfish needed one or not?). It's not as huge as usual, just subtle and kinda there - like the way my hubby smiles actually. He has a lovely easy smile that I, well, love!

And here's the fish again...like him.

Remember to make him all you do is run the embossing folder through the Big Shot (or Cuttlebug) and cut him out.

I used two scallop square punches in this one. Can you see them? One's yellow and the one that's hiding is the orange one. It makes a difference on the card, needed a bit of orange in there.

Here are the links to the Sizzix embossing folder sets if you'd like to check them out.

Set used on first lot of cards - Sizzix Beach Bum embossing folder set.

Set used on second lot - Sizzix Summer Fun embossing folder set. (I've made some different types of cards using this set - will show tomorrow).

The Marvy Scallop Punches - they rock.

And of course - the Marvy Corrugator. Hello, how Australian!



  1. Hi Debra, I so love that embossing on your card, just perfect for your little fish. I just love what you do with all these shapes and punches and thanks for the sizzix link...

  2. Hey Liz, No problem! Do you use Sizzix die cuts with your Spellbinders - you know, being the die cut queen that you are!

  3. LOL I am not a die cut queen (yet) hehe not like you are the Punch Art Queen my dear! You know I have NEVER EVER used any Sizzix dies through my Cuttlebug. I have a Sizzix machine and a few dies but just never got them out once I bought the Cuttlebug... I must do that one day hey!

    I do like the look of these Sizzix embossing folders you linked too though. Very NOICE!

  4. Noice - that cracked me up! You're the die cut queen in my eyes - you use those Spellbinders like there's no tomorrow, just like I do with punches! What? You have a Sizzix and you don't use it? Thanks for the laugh!

  5. LOL my poor sizzix was actually packed away a long time before I got my cuttlebug - wasteful really but I always thought the kids would use it - but now they love the cuttlebug lol.


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