28 October 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Photo album scrapbooking

You said that you scrapbook using 4 x 6 page protectors, what does that mean? How does it work?

It's actually a form of photo album scrapbooking.

Rather than 'scrap' 12 x 12 full pages, I use all different types of divided page protectors instead.

Some of them have six 4 x 6 slots, some have nine 4 x 4 slots, some have a 5 x 7 slot and four 4 x 6 slots. Google We R Memory Keepers page protectors to see the options available.

I also use Becky Higgins Project Life page protectors too. Hers have four 4 x 6 slots with four journalling card slots across the middle. Love them.

I slip my photos into the slots leaving one to decorate with the title and/or journalling.

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell at the moment - I'll show you photos of them in the future (the near future).

Meanwhile though, have a look at a video on My Craft Channel that Stacy Julian did about photo album scrapbooking (I'll link it below).

PAS is using a pre-made album to put your photos in, but it's jazzing them up slightly with a bit of colour and fun.

I love two things she said in particular.

"Let go of the obligation and the expectation that you should do something with all of your photos. Embrace the freedom to just do something with some of your photos."

aaannnddd...(my favourite)

"Mums, don't let your kids grow up to be jpegs."

Hmm, if that's not an indication of technology at the moment, I don't know what is.

Gone are the days of getting films developed.

We're in the days of intention right now. We have to be intentional about everything and that includes getting our photos off the computer and printed because it's so easy to download them and just leave them there.

All of this is if we want to, of course.

And I want to.


Because it's a good thing. Plain and simple.

Enjoy the video - she's worth listening to. It's Stacy Julian talking about Photo Freedom and photo album scrapbooking.

Bye now!

27 October 2011

Punch Art - Girl and her cat

Bright and happy, just the way I like it. 

I used the Labels 1 die set again. Love those dies. 

Big sigh...just makes me happy. 




Labels 1 dies by Spellbinders.

Carl CP1: 3/16" Circle (flower middle, hair bauble), 1/4" Circle (nose).

Sullivans Punches

Mini Purple: Flower.
Small Orange: Star (inner ears).
Medium Green: 1" Circle (heads, fringe), Star (ears), Birch Leaf.

Decorative scissors - Scallop (for fringe).

25 October 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Christmas crafting

A Scrap Quiz question for you today.

Let's get straight to it.

1. What Christmas projects are you going to attempt for your Christmas crafting this year?

Four things

~ A string of decorations in the dining room like I did last year.
~ December Daily (ah la Ali Edwards)
~ Glittered Flowers
~ 3D Tree

2. What products are you going to use for those?

Decorations - Sizzix dies (ornaments), doily dies (all brands), patterned paper, punches (trees), felt, glitter, baker's twine, jingle bells, real baubles, candy canes - anything and everything. Some new stuff, some older stuff from my Christmas crafting box.

Started that box a couple of years ago. It's a goodie. I just chuck all the bits in it (except patterned paper), it's great. I like that the stuff is wrangled and lives somewhere.

December Daily - I'm going to turn the blue Smash book into my DD this year (this'll be my fourth DD).

I've been smashing stuff into another plain board book for a few months now, but I bit the bullet and bought an actual Smash a while ago. Decided to keep smashing through the Christmas season.

Obviously the blue Smash book isn't Christmassy, but it will be when I'm done. My plan is to add stickers and paper and bits (plus photos) and generally just have a good time with it. Any patterns or pics in the book that I don't like will be covered with Christmas paper. Works for me. Smash it in there, I say.

Glittered Flowers - these ones. Exactly like this, but with a wrapped chocolate in the middle. Nice. Going to make one for each place setting at the Christmas table. Nicer.

3D Tree - this idea was from my sister. She wants to make one and now I do too!

You use a set of dies in graduating sizes (like scallop circles or the Flower Framelits) and cut them out multiple times in each size. Then you stick them on a vertical kebab stick (or similar, maybe wire?) with the biggest ones on the bottom and the smallest ones on the top with some buttons or beads in between a few of the layers to make a 3D tree.

Sue suggested using a wooden spool as the base. I like that idea.

My tree will be glittered too. Of course.

3. Which project are you most excited about and why?

All of them because they involve crafting by myself (which I love) and crafting with my mum and sis and hopefully niece (which I love - and need more of - too).

4. Are there any other projects you'd like to do, but know you won't have time?

A wreath using the tree punch.

I think I might put this one on the 'will do' list because I really want to make another. I made one for the show and it came up really well.

Since I've already done one, I know what to do, so I reckon I'll be able to knock one out pretty quickly. Projects are always (well, usually!) easier the second time.

5. Have you finished your crochet cushion yet?


That's a big, sad no. Oh, well. It was just a stumbling block this year. It happens.

6. How's Cody?

He's fine, thanks for asking.

Two years ago (the first year we had him), I made him a stocking out of cardboard. I might bring it out again this year just for kicks (ha ha - stocking? kicks? Get it?). It's just for decoration and a bitta fun.

6a. Has his ear hair grown back yet?


7. How much do you love your husband?

A lot, even though he hacked Cody's hair.

8. What Christmas products do you still want to get your hands on?

October Afternoon Holiday Style in particular. Really looking forward to that.

I have bought a few coloured, fun patterned papers for the 3D ornaments from My Minds Eye (12 Days of Christmas), as well as some of the red/cream patterns from Crate Paper's line.

Also got the elements stickers from Echo Park's Season's Greetings. Decided not to get the whole paper pack - wanted brighter stuff.

I thought MME Holly Jolly might suit, but I didn't want the brown. 

I wrote a post about Christmas 2011 stuff here.

I only wrote that post recently, but my wants have changed since then. 

9. In crafting (actually in life too) you always say that you start with a plan and then things find their own way - how is that true for you this year?

I thought this year would be a traditional red and green Christmas for me, but that's changed.

I was given papers to make the decs for the show and there was a lot of green and pink and I'm all over that now.

My colours for this year: Green, pink and red. A bit of blue. Red and cream. Fun. Oh, and glitter. Didn't do much glitter last year.

10. When are you going to start all this crafting?

This week hopefully. Still have to put all the show stuff away and get caught up on things around here, but I'll pull something out and get it sorted this week, I think.

The trick to Christmas crafting is to get going early and get on a roll, so when Christmas rolls around you're already on a roll and you just keeping rolling with it!

11. Oh...one last, and very important, question because Christmas crafting usually revolves around this...are you making any Christmas cards this year?

Don't know.

Haven't decided.

Not sure.

Will see.

12. Okay, this is really my last question. Why the ho hum with the Christmas cards?

Because I've made so many over the years for classes etc that I kinda feel like I've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt so many times.

New things, new things!

The End

PS. Check out the 'A Scrap Quiz' label on the sidebar there for other Scrap Quiz questions I've asked myself and answered. Weird, I know.

24 October 2011

Craft show update

Will be posting a craft show update and round up when I get things sorted like the washing and the dusting in particular.

I betcha I dust up some glitter, it's everywhere around here...

PS. I like it.

PPS. The glitter around the place, that is.

PPPS. I reckon there's no dust in heaven. God wouldn't do that to us girls for eternity.

Punch Art - Girl and her friends

Some more punch art for you today, so cute. 

My favourite punch art is anything with a smile - particularly characters like these.  

I re-did the card from page 27 of Book 3 to make this card. 

Sometimes updating things can be good. I think so, anyway. 

Hope you like. 

And that they bring a smile to your face too. 



Labels 1 and Labels 1 Small from Spellbinders

Punch Bunch mini Flower 

Carl CP1: 3/16" Circle, 1/4" Circle.

Sullivans Punches

Mini Purple: Flower (hair)

Small Orange: 3 Circle and 10 Circle (3mm circle for the middle of the girl's flower), Star (cat - inner ears), Fish Symbol (rabbit - inner ears).

Medium Green: 1" Circle (heads, hair), Fish Symbol (ears), Star (ears). 

20 October 2011

A little rant about



You drive me crazy sometimes! Honestly, stop it!


I know where to put you sometimes and other times I've no idea, like in this sentence. Do I put one before the and or not? It seems like I need to put one every few words. Other times I can't find a place to put one and putting ones where I breathe doesn't work because I breathe too much!

Whatever! I'm totally sure I missed the day they taught commas at school. I've even considered an adult grammar course because I'd like to learn what's comma worthy and what isn't once and for all. Was anything in that previous sentence comma worthy?

You tell me, people, you tell me.

Will I do that adult grammar course? Probably not, because who are we kidding, but still...I'd like to think I would...if I could...and if I could handle all the other participle/preposition stuff. I don't even know what a participle is.


I love it, but it annoys me that I can't do it sometimes.

Rant over.

PS. Craft show going well. Sore feet (normal). Lots of bargains (normal and good). Lots of fun decorations that sparkle and twirl and generally make me smile (special for this show). Said decs are very hard to take pics of!

19 October 2011

Craft show

At the craft show today!

Seems to have been quite a run of shows lately.

I'm not complaining, I like 'em.

Bye now!

18 October 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Are there any things in scrapbooking/crafting that you don't like?

Umm, yep.

Yep, there are.

Quite a few actually.

So ok, I know that everyone has their thing, but I just don't get some things.

I totally get that they get it, and love it, but I don't get it, and certainly don't love it.

And let me stress, if anyone else did this list and wrote punch art on it, I'd totally get that too.

So, you asked - here's what I don't like.

1. Distressing  

I just don't like it. I don't like it at all. I don't like all the Distress Inks and Stains and putting them on those foam pads and wiping them over everything. It's just too messy and inky and...messy.

2. Painting with Stencils

For the same reasons as above.

Because they're messy and give less-than-perfect results. I just like clean.

3. Trims

Everyone is really into trims at the moment. And they're called trims by the way now. They used to be ribbons, but they're not just ribbons anymore, they're trims because they include pom poms and lace and stuff like that.

I use some ribbons, but I'm just not that into them in general.

4. Kraft paper and cardstock

Kraft paper is everywhere...like, all over the place. Everyone seems to be obsessed with it.

I like some of the layouts I see with kraft backgrounds and sometimes I think I'd like to give them a try.

I also know if I did though my photos and bits would fly off and say, "Are you kidding me? We don't do kraft."

I'm serious.

They would.

They know it's just not me.

Or maybe they know it's just not me right now.

These things have a habit of changing sometimes.

I reckon I could use kraft occasionally, but not all the time like some people like to.

(Now cream is my colour. Cream and I are friends...we have been for years and we'll never be parted from each other. I know some people think that way about kraft)

5. Decorative Brads

Now, I like these, but I just have no real use for them.

I wish I did sometimes, but I just don't, so I pass them by.

6. Embellishments in general

I really don't like embellishments.

Actually, sometimes I hate them.

I think it's because they're very specific, cost a lot and once they're gone, they're gone. And I never like everything in the package either.

Yep, that pretty much sums them up for me, ie. not on my radar.

7. Dark and Grungy

Oh, please.

Do I need to explain?

There's just a severe lack of colour...

Too much brown!

Too much black!

My psyche can't handle it!

Nuff said!

8. Painting things

I do not like painting things in real life let alone in my crafting.

All the waiting-for-it-to-dry, the paper-warping, the dripping, the mess, the having-to-get-up-and-go-wash-my-hands....no!

I'd rather do dishes...

I will paint glitter on though, I'll do that. It's glitter afterall.

9. Plain Chipboard Shapes

I do not like plain chipboard shapes - they annoy me.

I don't want to paint them.

I don't want to stain them with inks either.

And I definitely don't want to cover them with paper and trim the edges and then sand the edges and get dust all over my work surface and floor and then have to go wash my hands....oh please, don't make me do it. I've done it before, I'm not doing it again.

Please, just give them to me with the paper already on them.

If plain chipboard shapes inadvertently happen to come through this crafting kitchen, they get thrown in the bin.

Yes, the old bin-o.

Or the giveaway box.

One or the other, it doesn't matter, as long as they're out of my space. Be gone with you.

So, what else don't I like?

I think that's it.

Good, you say.

Good, I say, too.

I love so much other stuff I kinda like having things I really dislike. It's good for the hip pocket.

Seriously, I feel for those ladies who love everything....too much shopping, too much money spent. It's a problem out there, people.

Now, has the new October Afternoon Holiday Style come out yet? ha ha


17 October 2011

Simple + cute = good

Thought I'd post some punch art today. 

Well, it's very simple punch art...very

I'm all over that. 

Honestly, does everything have to be complicated and a masterpiece all the time?

No, people, no. 

And these cards prove it. 

I used Sizzix Square Framelits to cut the card base (put the folded edge inside the die, so it wouldn't cut it) and also the layer - have I posted about these cards before? 

By the way - Framelits are totally fab for cutting photos because you can lay them over the photo to see exactly where you want to cut. 

And when you cut, you get just a cut. Love it. Hope that makes sense. 

The white labels are Labels B Presto Punch dies - got them at our stand at the show, they were 10 bucks.

And the hearts are from the Sullivans orange heart punch (four hearts on the one punch). 

Sure I haven't posted about these cards before?

Total deja vu...

Anyway, they're easy and he's cute, so they're worth posting about again. 

Bye now!

14 October 2011

Report Card/Schoolhouse cards


How are you this week?

Getting any crafting done? Hmm, a few hands there...

Just getting through and crafting is the last thing on your mind? Rats, a lot of hands there. Not good.

I know, sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it?

I'm in the 'getting lots done' group at the moment. Lucky me, but I kinda stole some sleep to make it happen.

On Saturday arvo/night we visited with friends which equaled lots of chatter, game playing and eating and when we arrived home at 8:30 pm, I was tired and ready for a sit down (I know, party animals).

I had a shower, got into my pjs, made a cup of tea and went straight to my scrap cabinet though. Don't know why, just wanted to make something rather than sit down.

I ended up staying there until 2 in the morning!

And let me tell you, girls, I forced myself to stay there.

I had back pain, shoulder blade pain (yee ouch, a knife in my shoulder blade, you know those), sore feet and the like, but I made myself stay there.

Just wanted to.

Just wanted to see it through and get all the scraps off my desk.

Just wanted to get to the end of what I was doing.

And what I was doing was making cards with the leftovers of the Report Card and Schoolhouse lines from October Afternoon.

What I was doing specifically was using up the 8 x 8 papers in each line.

Reasons why this rocks:

1.  The folded 8 x 8 becomes 4 x 8 and that size fits in a DL envelope. That is, postage of 60c. Nice.

2.  The 8 x 8 papers are single-sided, which means my cards were white on the inside...perfect for writing on.

Hello? Rocks.

Anyway...here are the cards.

Again, photos a bit dark - sorry.

PS. Not all of them are fab.

PPS. I'm all for full disclosure here on the blog-o.

PPPS. I like them all anyway...

One of my favourites - just like the fella on the front (journalling card from Fly a Kite) and the patterns.

Kristina Werner has been doing Friday Focus videos lately and she's been specifically talking about how to use patterned paper.

One of her recommendations is to only use one multi-coloured pattern at a time.

I agree with her. That makes sense.

Did not make sense on these cards though - just wanted to use the patterns and use them I did. I was making cards for my stash with the intention of using up the papers too.

So, a lotta colour and pattern going on with some of the cards.

I'm okay with it.

I like it.

Not a favourite - but I still kept it in this list.

It was my first one actually.

First ones are always a bit challenging because you're still finding your way. Obviously my way with these cards was not that way.

Well on my way here - like this one.

Cute. Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

I did pull out a few journalling cards from a couple of other lines too. This one might be from Cherry Hill - not sure.

Ha ha, used the front of the 8 x 8 pad here - ie. the cover sheet. Too nice to throw away and kinda matched in with what I was doing!

I know, this one's...interesting?

Sometimes crafting is about just letting yourself stick it down and move on. The next card might be better. And it was.

Very plain - another 'just stick it down and move on' one.

This one didn't fit in the envelope because I had the bits sticking off the edges, so I trimmed it and then it looked terrible. I'll pull it off, trim the edges and glue it on straight - it'll be fine then.

(Edited to add: Done that now. Had a few problems with the trimming of the cardstock - my knife kept getting stuck and jamming on the adhesive that was already on there. Ended up with no navy/stars...whatever! But the bit's straight and it looks fine)

This is one of my favourites.

I do like red, blue and cream together. Nice.

Anyway, that was my five hour session on Saturday night - 15 cards with 15 envelopes to stick them in with 15 address labels (because I always forget to put them on and then when I go to address the patterned paper envelope I get stuck and then I have to find something plain to stick on to write the address on....annoying. Was determined to stick those plain address labels on at the assembly point and not the departure point).

I made the envelopes myself and used leftover OA papers and others - just patterns I wanted to use up. Better to have them as envelopes than nothing at all.

Hope you like the cards - I've since made some of these types of cards and also the 4 x 6 journalling cards with the Farm Fresh line. I'm definitely on a roll.

It's nice to have some 4 x 6 journalling cards in my stash.

It's nice to have some actual cards in my stash to give away, send out, put through the mail.

It's nice to have completely used up some of my OA lines. Had to happen. Had fun doing it.

Going to make more cards - what line will I use up next? Probably Fly a Kite although I've struggled with the patterns in that line previously...will see what happens.

Bye now!

12 October 2011

Some of the 4 x 6 cards

Hi there, 

Yesterday I talked about my scrap space and the 4 x 6 journalling cards I've been making, so today I thought I'd show you them.  

Remember they're to fill a spot in my album or to journal on - I scrap using divided page protectors.

They were also just fun to make. 

The reason I made them in the first place?

Because when I was scrapping I was getting stuck on the photo, make something, photo, make something process. 

Sometimes I just want to stick a few photos in, journal a bit and walk away. 

Without any 4 x 6 cards made it was impossible because I always had to make something, find something or whatever. Not what I wanted to do basically. 

I decided I needed some 4 x 6 cards in my stash to just pull out when I needed them. 

Ended up making stacks of them over a couple of weeks.  

So sorry for the photos - they're a bit dark. 

There's a lot, hey?

They're so colourful - love 'em.

Some of the cards will be used as is.

Some will have something else added to them if needed at the time.

They were all made with the October Afternoon Report Card and Schoolhouse lines. They worked so well together.

Anyway, enjoy!

Might be time for me to go and slip a photo in or two...need to. Want to. Bye now.