14 January 2010

A blog entry from Andrew...

I know, go figure. This was all his idea. I'm just going with it...

These are his words, as told to me on Saturday (I think he wanted to recount his day):

"Warm day in Brissie.


Shifting friend's furniture around.

Mountain biking riding.

Just planted sweet potato - going to see how they go. May give you an update if anything grows.

That's about it."

You've gotta say something crafty, I said.

"It's easier to craft in the air con."

Thanks for that tip!

He was still sweating after mowing the yard...

Well, there you go. A blog entry from Andrew. Just being the supportive wife - want him to be a part of all areas of my life. And now he's a part of yours. Aren't you lucky?

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