28 May 2009


Have you ever played Frogger, the computer game? I got hooked on it when I was in Uni and played it a lot when I was procrastinating on doing those assignments. I'm procrastinating right now actually by posting this rather than doing other stuff I'm supposed to be doing so I guess the shoe still fits! Oh well!

Back in the day the Frogger I played was very simple - black screen, green frog and green everything else actually. Really liked that game and got a blast from the past recently when I found it again on the internet. Had a bit of a play - it bought back a lot of memories. Late nights, high scores and the beep, beep, beep of the frog jumping. Gosh, it was like I'd just heard it yesterday. The lastest version is cool because it's all colourful, but the game is still the same. I like that some things are improved, but they're still the same.

Actually punch art's like that. I love that it doesn't go out of style and it can be updated and changed, but it's still the same. Scallops have been around for a while now (actually they've come back, as all things do in design), so I updated the old frogger card and there you go. Modern, we like it!

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful May weather. It's my favourite month of the year...

23 May 2009

Punch art has shown me that I love bright, happy colours like this.

I also love old and new things together.

The green table and the two bottom plates are new, while the plate on top is from a china tea cup trio that has lived a long and happy life. Even though these things have nothing to do with punch art, they make me want to go and make something. Love that.

20 May 2009

Just because...

Do you ever make a card just because? I did today. Had an idea and wanted to make it. Simple, but cute. Love cute...

19 May 2009

Card front...

Hello! I feel like I'm jumping all over the place with the things I share, but that's okay, life's a bit like that. Gotta keep you guessing too! Anyway, this is the front cover of the card/turned small mini-album that I made for my nephew for his first birthday. I covered the patterned paper with Bazzill bling dots for a bit of shine and added stars in the same colour as the background for a bit of interest. The finished size is A5. Ever made an A5 card? They're a good size actually and a lot of fun. As for the envelope, I just wrap it in wrapping paper. Done! :o)

12 May 2009

An added extra...

Wanted to show the front of the treat bag I posted last week. This one is bigger because the chocolate inside was bigger. I used ribbon to add some more colour as the butterfly was a bit small to be the only thing on the front there. Sometimes it's just fun to shake it up a bit too, you know?

08 May 2009

Cute treats...

I love making cards, but I also love making other things to give to people as gifts, thank yous or just-because-I-want-tos. Here's the little Easter treat I made for my sister-in-law. Took only a few minutes. Love that Girl Friday paper! (from Cosmo Cricket)

Treat for my brother. Used a bit of Snorkel here (Cosmo Cricket) and a couple of punches, ie. circles and corner rounder.

Another great use for a punch - a prop! :o) The little plastic bag is just stapled in and this one has a ribbon to finish it off. Here you can see the benefits of using double-sided paper because it looks nice from the inside too. These are so fun to make. The hardest part is working out how long to cut the strip of paper to fit the bag!

05 May 2009

A cute clown...

We've had a few birthdays in our family lately and a special one was my nephew's first birthday last month. I ended up making a little book with a few photos rather than a card and I put this clown on the last page. So cute! This is why I love punch art - it's fun, colourful and neat (neat as in "cool, that's neat" yes, but also neat as in it "looks neat and tidy"). And the other reason I love punch art is that it makes me laugh. Yep, I look at that clown up there and chuckle because he just makes me happy. What's not to love about that? Loved making this for my little nephew, he's the cutest.