22 January 2010

The yellow gingham

Hello and welcome to Friday on Punch Art Fun!

Remember the yellow gingham paper I said I liked?

Here it is again. Wanted to keep a corner of it on the card, so I started with that as my base. I also rounded that bottom right hand corner too.

Then, the cupcake. Cute! It's a stamp set from Basic Grey's Nook and Pantry collection. So fun making your own cupcakes. There's sprinkles and different toppings. Kristina has a video where she used it too.

This time the card accepted some blue. Funny that. I tried blue to keep in with the summery theme. I know, you don't usually have blue cupcake bases...or do you? I guess you can.

One thing I've realised with all the cupcakes around the place - I make 'em, but I don't eat 'em. Not that I wouldn't eat one, I just don't cook them myself, so no cupcakes for me.

Now, what about a cupcake punch?

Oh, yes, please!

This one's a McGill punch and I asked the folks over there if I could share their images with you. They kindly said yes, so here you go.

I like how the packaging includes a couple of other ideas for the punches. Gets a few of the old creative juices flowing, you know?

You could also use the cupcake bit for ice cream and even hair. The cupcake holder bit is a good basket as they suggested, as well as a flower pot (with the pinking ridge cut off) or Christmas tree base.

Here's the card (and envelope) that I made using the punch.

Once again, the card accepted blue. Nice, thanks for that.

It's the same card design - one using the stamps, one using the punch. Which do you prefer?

I used some Smooch Spritz in Gold Glow on the yellow of the cupcake. It made it really shine - can you see it? Click here to see more colours. Photo Continental stocks it too. Check out some tips on how to use it here.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's some other punches in the range. I linked you over to these last week, or the week before. Fun stuff.

Well, that's it for today.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Yummy card Debra - now I want to eat cupcakes. Love that stamp set - not surprised you do that so well either! Great use of that paper - love how you used part of the scalloped edge, looks great!

  2. Hey Liz, Thanks for your lovely comments. Glad you like the cards. I'm getting into the stamping a bit - it's fun. Have a great Australia Day tomorrow!


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