07 January 2010

New punches?

Anyone up for some new punches?

It's nearly time for CHA Winter (end of Jan) and the sneak peeks are coming out now. I've been on a bit of a scout around to see what's out there...always like discovering new things.

Some things may not be new new, but they're new to me, so thought I'd post them anyway.

New Fiskars - these are definitely new ones. Click on the boxes to see the images larger. Some are similar to current designs in other brands...

New Fiskars corners - more new ones. Doesn't look like they're bringing out any borders this time.

These Sullivans punches are new at Photo Continental - they're on the floor now. Click here to have a look at the regular ones. They come in six different sizes and each size is a different colour. A lot of similar ones, which we haven't been able to get for a while (yay!), and a lot of different ones too. Check them out!

You can also look on Photo Continental's site here to see the range, the colours of each size and the prices (very important!). You'll notice the range includes borders, corners and a few others. Wow, it's nice to have a whole range in stock again...

Sullivans has also got a new die cutting machine called the EZ Cut (click here for video - bottom left of page). Click here to have a look at just the pictures of the machines (there's two - little and big).

Here are their embossing folders (maybe they're plates, not folders?) - I like 50223 Flower, 50224 Vines, 50226 Flower and 50227 Swirls. Which ones take your fancy?

What do you think about the EZ Cut machine?

Have you seen these Fancy Squares from McGill? They're not new, but they're still cool. And hard to find over here.

And what about these? They're from McGill too - called Creative Motifs. They have a few shapes in the one punch.

Also from McGill - Dimensional Punches. Once again a few shapes on the one punch. Gotta have that ice cream one. They've also given an idea or two on the actual packaging of the punch. Good idea.

Phew! Lots to look at! How'd you go?

I'll keep hunting and see what else I can find, okay?

Edited to add this PS: I just stumbled across these new Cuttlebug embossing folders. Wow, lots of new ones. And some are 5 x 7 too. Hello, Marg's Melodies!

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