15 January 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 8

Hello again,

Time for another Look in the Book today. But only if you want to, that is!

Let's turn to page 8.

Here's some photos of the cards again.

(Remember I can do that because I own all the rights to the books and the art)

They're not great photos unfortunately. I kept getting light down in that bottom corner, so sorry about that.

I like that these four cards (pages 7 and 8) are a set. I'm a bit like that - I like to make sets and add onto the original concept (the beach in this case). I ended up with three water scenes to go with the beach one - one scene above the water, one in the water and one under the water. Just wanted to see what ideas I could come up within those three scenes.

I've just had a look at the three water cards and come to these conclusions/observations:

* A snorkel somewhere would've been good.

* A deep-sea diving bear would've been good.

* A submarine would've been good.

Oh well, typical hindsight kicking in there.

Actually, maybe I thought of those things at the time and flicked them because they were too hard.

Yep, maybe that's it. I'm saying that's it.

Still, would've been cute. Those bears are cute, but they just look like they're hanging there in the water, don't they?

I just noticed the black sea urchins in the card above. See them at the bottom there? They're not Carl punches.

Let's just talk about that for a second...

One decision I had to make when doing the book was...do I use punches from other brands, or just Carl? Not all brands were available in Australia at the time, Carl was though, and were easily accessible for the viewing public. The other reason I used (and still use) Carl punches is that they have a complete range of shapes. Lots of circles, lots of the same shape in different sizes - made things so much easier.

My decision in the end was to use mainly Carl punches (95%) and use the few others that I wanted to put in. So, the Punch Bunch Mini Sun went in as the sea urchin.

Unfortunately, Carl punches aren't readily available over here anymore, but I linked you over to the new brand available at Photo Continental last week, so that's great news. Can't be without our favourite tools!

Punch on!


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