12 October 2011

Some of the 4 x 6 cards

Hi there, 

Yesterday I talked about my scrap space and the 4 x 6 journalling cards I've been making, so today I thought I'd show you them.  

Remember they're to fill a spot in my album or to journal on - I scrap using divided page protectors.

They were also just fun to make. 

The reason I made them in the first place?

Because when I was scrapping I was getting stuck on the photo, make something, photo, make something process. 

Sometimes I just want to stick a few photos in, journal a bit and walk away. 

Without any 4 x 6 cards made it was impossible because I always had to make something, find something or whatever. Not what I wanted to do basically. 

I decided I needed some 4 x 6 cards in my stash to just pull out when I needed them. 

Ended up making stacks of them over a couple of weeks.  

So sorry for the photos - they're a bit dark. 

There's a lot, hey?

They're so colourful - love 'em.

Some of the cards will be used as is.

Some will have something else added to them if needed at the time.

They were all made with the October Afternoon Report Card and Schoolhouse lines. They worked so well together.

Anyway, enjoy!

Might be time for me to go and slip a photo in or two...need to. Want to. Bye now.


  1. Hi Debra, love your blog. Can you show us an example of your scrapping using divided page protectors? Would love to see what this kind of scrapping is like. thanks Selena

  2. Hi Selena, Glad you like my blog. Sure thing, I'll put some examples of my scrapping up for you - keep an eye out over the next few weeks! Bye now, have a great day, Debra


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