14 October 2011

Report Card/Schoolhouse cards


How are you this week?

Getting any crafting done? Hmm, a few hands there...

Just getting through and crafting is the last thing on your mind? Rats, a lot of hands there. Not good.

I know, sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it?

I'm in the 'getting lots done' group at the moment. Lucky me, but I kinda stole some sleep to make it happen.

On Saturday arvo/night we visited with friends which equaled lots of chatter, game playing and eating and when we arrived home at 8:30 pm, I was tired and ready for a sit down (I know, party animals).

I had a shower, got into my pjs, made a cup of tea and went straight to my scrap cabinet though. Don't know why, just wanted to make something rather than sit down.

I ended up staying there until 2 in the morning!

And let me tell you, girls, I forced myself to stay there.

I had back pain, shoulder blade pain (yee ouch, a knife in my shoulder blade, you know those), sore feet and the like, but I made myself stay there.

Just wanted to.

Just wanted to see it through and get all the scraps off my desk.

Just wanted to get to the end of what I was doing.

And what I was doing was making cards with the leftovers of the Report Card and Schoolhouse lines from October Afternoon.

What I was doing specifically was using up the 8 x 8 papers in each line.

Reasons why this rocks:

1.  The folded 8 x 8 becomes 4 x 8 and that size fits in a DL envelope. That is, postage of 60c. Nice.

2.  The 8 x 8 papers are single-sided, which means my cards were white on the inside...perfect for writing on.

Hello? Rocks.

Anyway...here are the cards.

Again, photos a bit dark - sorry.

PS. Not all of them are fab.

PPS. I'm all for full disclosure here on the blog-o.

PPPS. I like them all anyway...

One of my favourites - just like the fella on the front (journalling card from Fly a Kite) and the patterns.

Kristina Werner has been doing Friday Focus videos lately and she's been specifically talking about how to use patterned paper.

One of her recommendations is to only use one multi-coloured pattern at a time.

I agree with her. That makes sense.

Did not make sense on these cards though - just wanted to use the patterns and use them I did. I was making cards for my stash with the intention of using up the papers too.

So, a lotta colour and pattern going on with some of the cards.

I'm okay with it.

I like it.

Not a favourite - but I still kept it in this list.

It was my first one actually.

First ones are always a bit challenging because you're still finding your way. Obviously my way with these cards was not that way.

Well on my way here - like this one.

Cute. Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

I did pull out a few journalling cards from a couple of other lines too. This one might be from Cherry Hill - not sure.

Ha ha, used the front of the 8 x 8 pad here - ie. the cover sheet. Too nice to throw away and kinda matched in with what I was doing!

I know, this one's...interesting?

Sometimes crafting is about just letting yourself stick it down and move on. The next card might be better. And it was.

Very plain - another 'just stick it down and move on' one.

This one didn't fit in the envelope because I had the bits sticking off the edges, so I trimmed it and then it looked terrible. I'll pull it off, trim the edges and glue it on straight - it'll be fine then.

(Edited to add: Done that now. Had a few problems with the trimming of the cardstock - my knife kept getting stuck and jamming on the adhesive that was already on there. Ended up with no navy/stars...whatever! But the bit's straight and it looks fine)

This is one of my favourites.

I do like red, blue and cream together. Nice.

Anyway, that was my five hour session on Saturday night - 15 cards with 15 envelopes to stick them in with 15 address labels (because I always forget to put them on and then when I go to address the patterned paper envelope I get stuck and then I have to find something plain to stick on to write the address on....annoying. Was determined to stick those plain address labels on at the assembly point and not the departure point).

I made the envelopes myself and used leftover OA papers and others - just patterns I wanted to use up. Better to have them as envelopes than nothing at all.

Hope you like the cards - I've since made some of these types of cards and also the 4 x 6 journalling cards with the Farm Fresh line. I'm definitely on a roll.

It's nice to have some 4 x 6 journalling cards in my stash.

It's nice to have some actual cards in my stash to give away, send out, put through the mail.

It's nice to have completely used up some of my OA lines. Had to happen. Had fun doing it.

Going to make more cards - what line will I use up next? Probably Fly a Kite although I've struggled with the patterns in that line previously...will see what happens.

Bye now!


  1. hey debra, love the new card batch, so inspiring. i am crocheting at the mo, a crochet patchwork memory quilt with printed out photo,s. such a lovely thing to do. Only problem I have right now is joining the crochet blocks to the fabric ones. Hopefully I can google a plan. If you can help.........? Have a great day,can,t wait till I see your xmas cards, Dee xxx

  2. Hey Dee - I would use blanket stitch to the crochet squares to the fabric ones, can do as large or small size stitch needed, strong attachment and can use wool used in the crocheting to match. Hope this helps :o) Deb's sister Suzi

  3. Hey Dee, So glad Sue was able to answer your query for you. She's the one person that'd know the answer to that. I would've said the same thing because I only thing I know how to do is the blanket stitch...I think! Anyway, hope it works for you. Glad you liked the cards too!

  4. Thanks for helping Dee, Sue! Yay you. You're a sewing legend.

  5. Thank you so much for your idea. Its definately the answer. Dee


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