17 October 2011

Simple + cute = good

Thought I'd post some punch art today. 

Well, it's very simple punch art...very

I'm all over that. 

Honestly, does everything have to be complicated and a masterpiece all the time?

No, people, no. 

And these cards prove it. 

I used Sizzix Square Framelits to cut the card base (put the folded edge inside the die, so it wouldn't cut it) and also the layer - have I posted about these cards before? 

By the way - Framelits are totally fab for cutting photos because you can lay them over the photo to see exactly where you want to cut. 

And when you cut, you get just a cut. Love it. Hope that makes sense. 

The white labels are Labels B Presto Punch dies - got them at our stand at the show, they were 10 bucks.

And the hearts are from the Sullivans orange heart punch (four hearts on the one punch). 

Sure I haven't posted about these cards before?

Total deja vu...

Anyway, they're easy and he's cute, so they're worth posting about again. 

Bye now!

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