20 October 2011

A little rant about



You drive me crazy sometimes! Honestly, stop it!


I know where to put you sometimes and other times I've no idea, like in this sentence. Do I put one before the and or not? It seems like I need to put one every few words. Other times I can't find a place to put one and putting ones where I breathe doesn't work because I breathe too much!

Whatever! I'm totally sure I missed the day they taught commas at school. I've even considered an adult grammar course because I'd like to learn what's comma worthy and what isn't once and for all. Was anything in that previous sentence comma worthy?

You tell me, people, you tell me.

Will I do that adult grammar course? Probably not, because who are we kidding, but still...I'd like to think I would...if I could...and if I could handle all the other participle/preposition stuff. I don't even know what a participle is.


I love it, but it annoys me that I can't do it sometimes.

Rant over.

PS. Craft show going well. Sore feet (normal). Lots of bargains (normal and good). Lots of fun decorations that sparkle and twirl and generally make me smile (special for this show). Said decs are very hard to take pics of!


  1. Yes, commas can be very confusing. Craft show great, the decorations are so pretty Deb. Fun seeing you there too. The quilts are amazing there too, stunning work.

  2. Hi Mum, Thanks for coming to visit - was a lot of fun to see you and the girls! Sorry I couldn't sing the farwell song properly :o)

  3. Farwell singing, hilarious! Loved it! I was there the day Mr Tainton taught 'commas' and here is what I remember. A comma is used when one pauses midway through a sentence but the sentence isn't finished. A full stop is used when one finishes a sentence allowing the reader to take a breath and start the next sentence. Reading out loud helps me put commas in their proper spot! Always helps me but don't ask me about correct usage of ; : and " " with a . at the end of a sentence!

  4. Yes, you put a comma when you pause, but in reading a lot of text, there are more commas than pausing...I just find it confusing sometimes.
    As for the full stops at the end of a sentence with "....Here's the sentence...
    "I am going to the park."
    "I am going to the park!"
    "Am I going to the park?"
    Punctuation always goes inside the inverted commas :o)


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