25 October 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Christmas crafting

A Scrap Quiz question for you today.

Let's get straight to it.

1. What Christmas projects are you going to attempt for your Christmas crafting this year?

Four things

~ A string of decorations in the dining room like I did last year.
~ December Daily (ah la Ali Edwards)
~ Glittered Flowers
~ 3D Tree

2. What products are you going to use for those?

Decorations - Sizzix dies (ornaments), doily dies (all brands), patterned paper, punches (trees), felt, glitter, baker's twine, jingle bells, real baubles, candy canes - anything and everything. Some new stuff, some older stuff from my Christmas crafting box.

Started that box a couple of years ago. It's a goodie. I just chuck all the bits in it (except patterned paper), it's great. I like that the stuff is wrangled and lives somewhere.

December Daily - I'm going to turn the blue Smash book into my DD this year (this'll be my fourth DD).

I've been smashing stuff into another plain board book for a few months now, but I bit the bullet and bought an actual Smash a while ago. Decided to keep smashing through the Christmas season.

Obviously the blue Smash book isn't Christmassy, but it will be when I'm done. My plan is to add stickers and paper and bits (plus photos) and generally just have a good time with it. Any patterns or pics in the book that I don't like will be covered with Christmas paper. Works for me. Smash it in there, I say.

Glittered Flowers - these ones. Exactly like this, but with a wrapped chocolate in the middle. Nice. Going to make one for each place setting at the Christmas table. Nicer.

3D Tree - this idea was from my sister. She wants to make one and now I do too!

You use a set of dies in graduating sizes (like scallop circles or the Flower Framelits) and cut them out multiple times in each size. Then you stick them on a vertical kebab stick (or similar, maybe wire?) with the biggest ones on the bottom and the smallest ones on the top with some buttons or beads in between a few of the layers to make a 3D tree.

Sue suggested using a wooden spool as the base. I like that idea.

My tree will be glittered too. Of course.

3. Which project are you most excited about and why?

All of them because they involve crafting by myself (which I love) and crafting with my mum and sis and hopefully niece (which I love - and need more of - too).

4. Are there any other projects you'd like to do, but know you won't have time?

A wreath using the tree punch.

I think I might put this one on the 'will do' list because I really want to make another. I made one for the show and it came up really well.

Since I've already done one, I know what to do, so I reckon I'll be able to knock one out pretty quickly. Projects are always (well, usually!) easier the second time.

5. Have you finished your crochet cushion yet?


That's a big, sad no. Oh, well. It was just a stumbling block this year. It happens.

6. How's Cody?

He's fine, thanks for asking.

Two years ago (the first year we had him), I made him a stocking out of cardboard. I might bring it out again this year just for kicks (ha ha - stocking? kicks? Get it?). It's just for decoration and a bitta fun.

6a. Has his ear hair grown back yet?


7. How much do you love your husband?

A lot, even though he hacked Cody's hair.

8. What Christmas products do you still want to get your hands on?

October Afternoon Holiday Style in particular. Really looking forward to that.

I have bought a few coloured, fun patterned papers for the 3D ornaments from My Minds Eye (12 Days of Christmas), as well as some of the red/cream patterns from Crate Paper's line.

Also got the elements stickers from Echo Park's Season's Greetings. Decided not to get the whole paper pack - wanted brighter stuff.

I thought MME Holly Jolly might suit, but I didn't want the brown. 

I wrote a post about Christmas 2011 stuff here.

I only wrote that post recently, but my wants have changed since then. 

9. In crafting (actually in life too) you always say that you start with a plan and then things find their own way - how is that true for you this year?

I thought this year would be a traditional red and green Christmas for me, but that's changed.

I was given papers to make the decs for the show and there was a lot of green and pink and I'm all over that now.

My colours for this year: Green, pink and red. A bit of blue. Red and cream. Fun. Oh, and glitter. Didn't do much glitter last year.

10. When are you going to start all this crafting?

This week hopefully. Still have to put all the show stuff away and get caught up on things around here, but I'll pull something out and get it sorted this week, I think.

The trick to Christmas crafting is to get going early and get on a roll, so when Christmas rolls around you're already on a roll and you just keeping rolling with it!

11. Oh...one last, and very important, question because Christmas crafting usually revolves around this...are you making any Christmas cards this year?

Don't know.

Haven't decided.

Not sure.

Will see.

12. Okay, this is really my last question. Why the ho hum with the Christmas cards?

Because I've made so many over the years for classes etc that I kinda feel like I've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt so many times.

New things, new things!

The End

PS. Check out the 'A Scrap Quiz' label on the sidebar there for other Scrap Quiz questions I've asked myself and answered. Weird, I know.


  1. loved this blog,have been waiting for you to start your christmassy stuff. i love it. I am going to use your long cards to follow with some of my own also your reindeer banner. loved that. Now I am going to google "smash book". Sounds interesting. Have a brilliant day. Dee

  2. Hi Dee,
    Glad you liked it - thanks for telling me. I've been making a lot of Christmas bits recently (for the show), but I couldn't photograph them very well. Will put up some proper pics when I can. Enjoy your crafting too - fun ideas! Let me know what you think of the Smash books...basically you just Smash all your stuff in them. You can buy other bits and pieces separately too. Bye now, thanks for your comment :o)

  3. Also looking forward to seeing your and your sisters 3D xmas tree, sounds wonderful. Another google moment for me! Want to thank your sister for idea on joining fabric blocks to crochet ones using blanket stitch. A great idea and one i will use
    Am loving the printing on fabric.so addictive.
    Happy day. Dee

  4. Let's hope the 3D trees happen - we'll see. Will depend if we can carve out some time to get together soon. Glad her idea helped you. Your fabric printing sounds great too. Off to hang up the washing although it's a little overcast...hmmm, needs to dry, so I'll put it out anyway. Bye now :o)

  5. So happy my suggestion of the blanket stitch works for your project Dee! Yay for us! And yes Neice Sarah Sister Suzi (ME!) and Mum Claire are keen to make the 3D tree very soon with Deb - can't wait to create! xx


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