22 September 2011

Review: Fairy Dust Glitter

Hi there, 

I mentioned I'd talk more about this photo when I posted it in the craft show update recently. 

What I want to talk about is the glitter...and review it. 

It comes in three shades - Sugar Shimmer, Pralines & Cream and Mixed Berries. 

Sugar Shimmer is white-ish. 

Mixed Berries is pink-ish. 

Pralines and Cream is brown-ish or cream-ish. 

Hello? Cream-ish...my boat is floating. 

Here are the glitters used on some cardstock. Thought this might help you see the difference in the colours...it does...kinda.

This cardstock is cream - see how nice the Pralines and Cream looks on it?

The Sugar Shimmer is like white sugar and the Mixed Berries has more colour in it (I think it's pinky blue).

This cardstock base is white. The Pralines and Cream stands out a bit more on than on the cream. 

Hope this is helping! 

Below I used cream based papers with Pralines and Cream. Love. 

Okay, so, what else can I tell you?

1. PC sells it for $14.50.

2. It comes in a salt shaker bottle. You can see the red stopper next to it above. You can leave it out or put it in when you (if you) want to transport the bottle.

3. Shaking the glitter on is pretty fun. It's a nice way to do it.

4. There is an issue with the bottle though. The screw channels in the glass bottle neck get filled with glitter when you actually use the bottle. Then when you go to take the lid off to put your excess glitter back into it, all the caught glitter drops onto your work surface.

It's messy and shouldn't happen. Kathy (a friend I saw at the show) and I had to be mindful of that each time we took the lid off. Having to do this did take a little of the shine off the whole glittering process I've gotta say.

To combat it, it's easy enough just to leave the lid off entirely and just pour it on. Good for large areas, not so great for fine work. You do what you've gotta do though, hey?

Okay, they're the basic details, and the not-so-fun bit, now onto the actual glitter.

It's fabulous.

Don't let the issue with the bottle stop you from buying this glitter. You can always put it in another bottle if you want..or leave the shaker lid off like I said.

Above you can see the Pralines and Cream colour...actually, this is the thing...it took me two days to even spot this glitter in the stand at the craft show. How's that? So much going on, so I just didn't see it.

Anyway, I saw it and Googled it on Saturday night to find out about it because I was intrigued by the Pralines and Cream colour in particular.

What I didn't really find out and what I'm going to tell you is....

....this is the glitter you need to use on cream based paper. 

Above I used last year's Christmas line from The (now defunct) Girls Paperie called Tinsel and Twig.

It's cream based. 

It needed this glitter. 

I did a flower from the same line using the Sugar Shimmer and it was a bit too stark on the paper.

So, white based paper = Sugar Shimmer.

Cream based paper = Pralines and Cream. 

White or cream based paper and esp. pink/blue papers = Mixed Berries. 


Seriously fab.

Seriously GOOD.

If you do a Google search you'll probably come across Donna herself doing a video of a flower using the glitter. I applied the glitter like she did, but I didn't have her cute glue to use.

Julie (the stencil lady next to me at the show) suggested putting a chocolate in the middle of the flower.

Immediately I thought of doing that for the Christmas table and having one at each place setting. Nice, yes?

Immediately after that I thought that my mother would love to make the flowers and immediately after that I thought I'd ask her if she wanted to.

I know she has the Tattered Florals die and some Tinsel and Twig paper, so we'd be set with two machines, two dies, lots of paper and the gorgeous glitter.

Sounds like fun, right? I think so.

I reckon my sis would want to be in on the act too. Have you got the Tattered Florals die, Sue? Not that it matters cause you can use ours, but just wondering. Oh, Gina stopped to say hi too. She was lovely. Say hi to her for me.

Summary of the Fairy Dust Glitter:

~  The bottle's fun to use, but it collects glitter under the lid.

~ The glitter is fab, fab, fab!

~ The Pralines & Cream was made for cream based papers...oooh, yeah.

~ I used the Mixed Berries on some pinky blue papers and it looked really pretty.

~ I'm really looking forward to making something with white based papers and the Sugar Shimmer.

~ That to me is a sign of a good product - if I want to use it again, and I'm excited to, it's good.

~ Extra note - Obviously in this review I've gone on about using the different types on glitter on different based papers - I still stand by that.

BUT I've also used all three colours on one collection of paper (Daily Junque by Pink Paislee) and they've all ended up looking really lovely. Just wanted to throw that in there!

What I'm saying is - if you have to choose one colour, go with my original recommendations above.

If you're getting all three, forget everything I said and just have some fun!

Tomorrow I'll be back with some more sparkly projects.

Here's to glitter!


  1. Yes, that would be fun making those flowers. Are all those petals the Tattered Flowers die? Looks lovely. And would be lovely for a Christmas decoration, a little bit different. Ideas, ideas. Love all the glitter on it too.

  2. Knew you'd like to. I'd like to with you and Sue too if she wants to (or can). Yes, that's the good thing about it, four flowers on one die. They can be used together or separately or combined. LOTS of possibilities. Yep, good for Christmas decs too. The glitter's so much better in real life. You can see some of the cards that I'm showing soon up at PC now. Worth seeing the glitter in real life.


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