28 August 2009

A bit more Early Bird

Do you like Early Bird as much as I do?

Do you love polka dots as much as I do?

Once again, these are big A5 cards. And I found some big A5 envelopes at KMart to send them in. Nice.

The little cup is cute, hey?

Hope you enjoyed...



  1. lovin these ones... question... what do you do with all these cards when you have made them? Sell, archive, give away ??

  2. Give away sometimes, keep - yes, decorate room, don't sell any at the moment. I just like making them! Any reason you ask, or you just asking?

  3. Hi Debra - loving this range of Cosmo Cricket myself. Love your cards using the range..

  4. Hey Liz,
    Would love to see some of yours! Please? :o)


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