24 August 2009


Just some random bits and pieces for this very hot Monday.

Let's start with the weather, shall we?

1. This weather is weird. 33c and it's still winter. Very weird. My washing was dry as soon as I put it up. If you don't believe that, I don't blame you.

2. She has gone home. Got to keep her for an extra few days, so I'm grateful for that. Til next time, Smiley.

3. Drove under this bridge again recently and realised it is very wirey... if that's a word. I still don't mind it, but don't be asking my dad what he thinks. Or my husband. Just don't.

Another thing I realised? I've probably been yakking about something a lot of people haven't seen. I drive happily (unless stuck in traffic, then I just drive) all over the city, but a lot of people in our fair city don't.

Oh no, we don't travel to the Southside!

Oh no, we don't go to the Northside, it's too confusing!

Sound familiar?

If you do cross the continents, have a look at the bridge. That is unless you circumvent the city altogether, then no looky at the bridge for you. :o)

4. This is what my vaccum cleaner cord did by itself this morning. Hey, that's a treble clef! Well, almost...it's a bit out, but it's close. I've read a bit of music in my day. And played a bit too. A bit. That's it.

5. The I-wanted-a-photo-of-the-double-rainbow anecdote.
Firstly, it's a double. Lean forward... See it?


So, I was trying to get a photo while driving in the car. Hey, I wasn't driving! The fella was driving. I was photographing, thank you.

Click. Check. Nup, powerlines.

Oh, this looks like a good one. Nup, more powerlines.

Click. Check. Nup, random cars and too much road. And powerlines.

Try again. Click. Check. More powerlines. More random cars. More road.

"The city is destroying nature!" Andrew yelled. Well, he didn't really yell, but he emphatically used the words "destroying" and "nature".

So I took about 11 shots. They weren't great.

In a last ditch effort to get the shot, I leant over towards Andrew, aimed the camera out his window and pressed the shutter.

Hey, not bad. And no powerlines!

And then Andrew noticed the rainbow was above a church. And that it went through the cross on the top. Very fitting in our opinion. Very.

It turns out we got a random shot that's so not.

6. A random card.

An intentionally placed random card.

Decided to slot this one in here since I've been talking about driving, bridges, travelling and circumventing, and the card uses map paper (actual map paper from a road atlas), and that's a coefficient correlation if I ever saw one.

Yes, that's what we're all about here at Punch Art Fun...Life and Craft - Living in Harmony Together. :o)

Random facts about the card:

The blue background cardstock is Arctic from Bazzill. One of my often-used cardbase colours. Besides cream. Cream is my most-used. And most-loved.

The scallop is this big fella from Sizzix. It's 4" high. Nice. I've showed you it before, haven't I?

The lined paper is just lined paper. I used some lined scrapbooking paper, but you could rip a page out of a notebook and just use that. If it's too thin, just add another layer of white card behind. Easy. And cheap.

And because it's thin, punch a couple of layers at once to avoid ye olde paper jam in ye olde punche.

The paper is Sundowner Motel Road Map from October Afternoon. I call it Esky paper because my grandparents had a metal esky with that pattern.

The button has Dimensional Magic on it. Hey, did you see the Esky paper at the top? Told you today was random!

And the card front is 5" square.

Well, I think that's it for Random Monday!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my normal, non-random self. Must be this weather, I tell ya.

Have a great day and stay cool!



  1. I could have kept all the old road maps if I had known and also the old UBD's. Geat for travel background papers. What next Deb.

  2. You're so funny.. This page made me giggle... love my rusty in the photo and love the rainbow shot too.... Coefficient Correlation???? my goodness me Deb, have you been going to University secretely?? I studied that in Financial Planning some years ago but can't remember now what it actually means...

  3. Thanks, Sharyn and Claire for your comments. Much appreciated.
    Yeah, I know. Road maps. Who would've thought? And coefficient correlation? I'm not surprised you used it in financial planning. It has something to do with statistics, I think.
    Thanks for lend of heat gun, too!


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