21 August 2009

In my letterbox

Yesterday Rustee and I walked to the letterbox and I found a letter, just for me. It was from my nephew, Jack.

What a treat get some handwritten mail and nothing else. No bills, no junk mail, no soliciting letters. Just this.

It was wrapped in a piece of paper that matched, which was stuck down with some pretty good sticky tape. He's the king of the sticky tape in his house, so he knows all about that.

After fanangling with the tape for a bit, I pulled out the pyramid. Ah, pyramids. They've been learning about different countries lately. Apparently he was a Greek last week. This must've been from when he was an Egyptian.

Doesn't matter, just love getting the mail.

Of course I'm going to send him a card back. I mean, really, that's a given.

And here's a picture of the fella himself. Love those glasses. We gave them to him as an extra little treat when we had a birthday celebration earlier in the year. They're glow-in-the-dark... nice.

Hey, Jack!

Thanks for the pyramids. I loved them!

Love Aunty Boo

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  1. How lovely, you are very cute Jack.


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