17 June 2009

This dog...

I've never been a dog person, but this dog has changed all that. Her name is Rustee and she's kind of the Clark family dog. She belongs to Andrew's brother, but he can't keep her, so she lives with Andrew's parents and now she's their dog. Andrew's sister has a bit of a claim on her (she calls her my Rustee) and so do we because our place is her holiday home. She comes to visit us when her "parents" are gadding about the place, which they do on and off because they're retired and they can!

She's a gorgeous dog, inside and out. I reckon she was a supermodel in her day!

So it was a few months ago that Rustee was with us for a week and she and I became friends. Apart from the fleas, the hair and the messing up of my patio with dirty footprints (all reasons why I'm not a dog person), I began to like her... a lot. She came up to see me when I was putting the clothes on the line, she sat at my office door while I worked and got really excited when Andrew came home each day. We walked up to the letterbox to get the mail (60 metres of driveway so it was a good walk for her. She's 13 afterall and can't do too much because of her sore legs although she chased Andrew down the street when he went bike riding without her!) and just had fun with each other. I would pat her, she would smile at me. She would feel good and so would I. She's really well trained too, which helps the old "I don't mind you" meter go up.

So we became friends and I've looked forward to her visits ever since. She's come a few times in the last couple of months. Gadding, I tell you! Gad, people, gad, I don't mind...

So, what does a good scrapbooker do? She makes a scrapbook about her doggy friend because she can. Stay tuned for that post soon.

Told you she used to be a supermodel! :o)


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