11 June 2009


My! It be cold! Sitting here with a skivvy, jumper, uggs and the heater on! Skivvys - you either love em, or you don't. I do!

A quick card for you... it's been a while since I've been here. Have had a lot happening lately and feel like I'm just getting caught up. I made this card for my dad for his birthday using two square punches for the cream and brown with apples cut from my favourite October Afternoon paper. They make some great stuff over there at OA. The ribbon is ahla Kristina Werner with a slit cut into the fold of the card so it could be threaded through.

Will post more things soon. Just need to organise a photo taking session... :o)

Bye now!

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  1. That's inspiring. Will have to have a go and that.


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