19 June 2009

The little book...

Here's the little book I made about Rustee and I. It's made by folding one piece of patterned paper, which is really cool to do, fun and cheap! Mum saw someone on the net do it and she showed me. You can google it to find some instructions (I'd try "make a book with one piece of paper" or similar).

So the book is small - only 15cm x 8 cm. I kept it pretty simple and used journalling tags and a couple of flower punches inside. And a subtle use of glitter, of course. If I ask Andrew if a card or project needs anything he always says, "A subtle bit of glitter." It makes me chuckle.

That's the book. Please excuse the sappy journalling if you can read it. It's just so nice having her around the place. I work at home, and am by myself a lot, so a friend is good even if she does leave dirty footprints on my patio...

Try one of the books. Fun stuff!

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