26 June 2009

A flower? And a chickadee...

Is this a flower? I think so. They're all circles roughed up with my fingernail. You can buy distressing tools, but I just use my fingernail :o). Scrap paper, a button and a bit of glitter all put on top of a little box and you've got a cute gift.

And here's the link to make a gift box of your own. Thanks, Erin.

Decided to finish the week on a non-flowery note! I love making these chicks, they're so cute.

Have a great weekend!

PS. All the flower photos this week are courtesy of me. "Thank you, Debra." "Well, that's okay, my pleasure!" :o) I don't see myself as a photographer, just a photo taker. I do see myself as a designer and one who likes to make things look pretty though, so in the blog the pretty photos go!

(They were all taken in the Joan of Arc garden in Quebec back in 2005 when Andrew and I went overseas for our tenth anniversary. And you know how that trip eventuated? We were driving in the car one day when we'd been married 9 years and I said, "We've never been overseas together. Why haven't we been overseas together? We should go overseas together!" That was it! Lucky we had the anniversary coming up so we could work it in as the excuse to go. Nice).

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