09 December 2009

Wednesday's Boxes

Today it's time for the fake presents under the tree.

You know, the ones that don't have any cash in them although we wish they did?

Yeah, those...

Firstly the supplies:

- All the papers are Bo Bunny and were found in the Christmas section of Photo Continental.

- Scor-Pal. You can buy one at Blue Bazaar under Tools.

- Ornaments die from Sizzix.

- Cuttlebug For You Bauble Cut and Emboss Set.

- Distressed Stickles.

- Perfect Pearls with a Mini Mister.

- Dimensional Magic as glue.

- Gold cord from Spotlight or Crazy Clark's.

- Red ribbon from Crazy Clark's too.

** Sorry for yellow photos again!

For this ornament I used Dimensional Magic as the glue for the glitter. I was a bit heavy-handed with it and you can tell because it's warped a bit.

Can't tell so much from the top. Just be cool with the DM if you decide to use it.
Be cool, but fast.

I'm not going to list all the sizes of the boxes because I don't know what they are! I just made them up according to how much paper I had and what size I wanted to do.

If my piece of paper was 20 cm by 20 cm, I'd just score at 2 cm all the way around for the sides. And then make the base a tiny bit smaller. Not much, just a bit.

That Rock Candy Distressed Stickles looks so great on the vintage Santa.

Remember the tiny box ornament I showed you yesterday?

This one's a bit bigger. The sides are higher and it's probably 1 1/2 inches square. I like making the same thing in different sizes.

And to finish today I wanted to mention the Perfect Pearls.

See all that glitter on the box? It's Perfect Pearls. I sprayed all the boxes with it.
Now, Perfect Pearls is the name of the product and Perfect Pearl is the name of the colour of the one in the photo. I also have Perfect Pearls in the Sunflower Yellow I think it is (looks like gold).

All you do is get a little mini mister, fill it 3/4 or so with water and scoop some PP into it. Don't measure, just go for it. The more Pearls you put in, the pearlier your mist will be. Shake and spray. That's it!

I have a mister for the gold and for the pearl one. They're about 3 or 4 dollars each, so they're cheap.

And the good thing is...you still have the PP powder to use in other ways. Stamp in Versamark ink and brush PP over it. Lots of uses.

And like I say for everything....there's a lot of education out there on the web, all you do is google what you need help with and some lovely crafty person will probably have done a video on it that you can watch.

Well, that's it for the boxes today.

See you tomorrow for one last story to do with the craft tree.

Stay cool!

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