10 December 2009

Thursday's Topper

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

This is the story of the Christmas Tree Topper.

I made a version of the craft tree last year and this was the topper I ended up with.

Oh dear!

All the way along, as I was making the tree, I didn't have any idea of what I was going to do for the topper.

I thought a star, obviously, but what sort of star?

I didn't want a punched one.




I didn't have a button big enough even.

I didn't have anything!

My only idea was to fashion one out of wire.

As I was making it, I knew it was bad, but like I said, I had no other idea.


So I kept on with the bad star.

I even painted it and put Stickles on it.

And then I put it on the tree...

Oh dear!

What do you do when you know something's just not working and have no clue of how to fix it?

You go about your normal business and wait for the answer because it'll come. It always does.

You just have to be patient though...and hope the idea comes before you need to put the tree on display.

And like I knew it would, the answer came. And in time too. Just.

Here it is.

The new topper (with the star in the background. It was so pitiful I left it on because I felt sorry for it and sorry for me for the work it took to make it).

It's perfect!

The new topper is perfect!

And it totally wasn't my idea. It was Leah's.

Here's the link to one of her Candy Cane Friday videos where she shows you her tree and the topper. As soon as I saw it I knew it'd be perfect for my tree. I was so happy I sent her a message in the chat section on her blog to say thanks! Make sure you watch the whole video - a lot of good ideas in there.

She spray painted her letters, I used gold paint. And I put a bit of Stickles glitter on mine too.

And that's the story of the Christmas Tree Topper.

The End.


Have you ever had trouble finding some nice gold cardstock to use at Christmas time? She spray painted regular cardstock with gold paint! How cool is that?

I love Leah's stuff - always have. She's very crafty and creative, but she's an academic too. She's a chemist and researches stuff in the lab. Talk about polar opposites. Anyway, check out all the videos on the site - so great.

Thanks, Leah, your idea bought me a lot of joy.

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