08 December 2009

Tuesday's Tree

Hello everyone,

Wow, I think Summer's definitely on duty! Phew!

Thanks to all those people who participated in the Scor-Pal blog promotion with Blue Bazaar. Hope you are enjoying yours and having fun with it!

You'll probably hear me refer to the Scor-Pal a bit in the future. I love mine and pull it out often.

The tree theme continues today with the craft tree. I've been calling it that in my head, so that's what I'm calling it here too.

We're crafters, so we have to have a craft tree, right?

Here's the tree. Click on it to see it larger to see more of the details.

(PS. Sorry about all the yellowish photos following)

(Don't click on this photo - it's a small version)

So, here's the craft tree. Today I'm going to chat about the decorations and tomorrow I'll show you the boxes closer up.

I showed you these photos last week. Remember I said the tree is from the Merry Days of Christmas line by My Mind's Eye?

I've really enjoyed using that line this year, particularly the Santa paper.

And the Distressed Stickles have been used on the dots. Remember Distressed Stickles is glassy rather than glittery.

Here's the Santa paper that I like. I punched around him using a circle punch. I also punched a cream circle to glue it onto, so it'd be a bit thicker.

The top gold bit is from the Cuttlebug For You (Bauble Embossing Folder) Combo. I put a bit of gold card on the top bit of the die only and ran that through the Cuttlebug.

I've made a ton of baubles like this this season. So fun.

And there's the Distressed Stickles in Scattered Straw.

All you do is squeeze a bit on and spread it out with your finger. It looks like flecks of gold when it dries. Nice, hey? Looks good with the vintage-y type things.

PS. All the gold cord I use is from Spotlight and Crazy Clark's. I even found some in a packet that had tags - they provided the gold cord to hang the tags. Thanks, I'll take that. Gold cord is the kind of thing you buy when you see it - it runs out the door fast at this time of year. If you see it, buy it!

Next ornament.

Butterflies for something different.

I used the Cuttlebug Butterflies Die for it (has embossing folders too - you know this die, it's a goodie).

The paper is Bo Bunny and I found it in the Christmas section at Photo Continental. I went for vintage-y stuff again.

These butterflies have Rock Candy Distressed Stickles on them. It's a clear one. I really like the look. Tried to take a photo so you could see the Stickles.

Obviously this photo didn't work. LOL. Can't see any Stickles here at all!

Die cut a cream butterfly as well and glued them back-to-back with the cord sandwiched in the middle.

Here's the butterfly again with glitter this time. Yes, that's glitter on the card at the base. Can't be working with glitter and expect to keep the place glitter free all the time!

Multi choice question:

When you work with glitter you are liable to find it in the weirdest of places at a later date. These places might include:

A. The fridge
B. The car
C. Your husband's face
D. All of the above

My answer? C and B and okay, probably A too. My answer is D!

Your answer?

I used this glue pad to apply a thin layer of glue for the glitter.

The bottle of glue comes with the glue pad too.

Here's another card I did with the same technique. This time I used Dimensional Magic as the glue. There's lots of options.

The bauble is Sizzix and the die comes with two baubles on it. This one and a circle one. They're good to use with the Cuttlebug one - three different shapes and around the same size. Nice.

Now, if they'd come out with some smaller ones to match...

During Scor-Pal week I linked you over to Angie who showed me how to make the Christmas ornaments. She used scallops - I've used them and just plain circles. Both are fun.

I also glittered them by putting glue along the edges and then rolling them in glitter. Did one edge at a time and used my regular white glue. Try it!

A scallop ornament. Scallops aren't symmetrical, so make sure you fold each scallop in the same spot, so they'll line up.


Another ornament. The glitter doesn't go right to the top, but I'm okay with it.

And here's the butterfly ornament again that looks like it's got no Rock Candy Stickles on it, but it does.

Oh dear, what's happened to the glitter on the green bauble?

Let's just pass by this one, shall we?

We like you anyway, Mr Green Bauble! No one said you have to be perfect!

Ah, cute ornament. Did we have little boxes like this on our family Christmas tree growing up? I don't know, let's say we did...even if we didn't.

This box is tiny! It's one inch square. Yep, an inch.

Gosh, you could make one of these and just stick it on a card for a 3D look. Sorry, you could make one of these and place it on your card for a 3D look. Try not to be too ocker, Debra...

I made the ornament on the Scor-Pal and the sides are half a cm, I think. They're not high.

I just wanted to make a real tiny box. Very cute. And fiddly. But cute, so that outweighs fiddly. This time anyway.

And this photo (above still) has a good shot of the "tinsel" on the tree. Because it's a craft tree I used buttons for tinsel. A bag of red buttons from Spotlight for about 9 bucks and I was good to go. I used DMC thread in red to thread them onto. And I tied a few to the string as I went along to stop them from all bundling up in the same spot.

Here's the Santa ornament with the other tree tinsel. This time it's gold eyelets on green thread. A few were tied on to stop bundling also.

I have no gold eyelets in my stash anymore.

I don't use gold eyelets much, so it doesn't matter. I know where they are if I need one!

The base of the tree is covered in hessian (it came like that). I bought the tree at the after Christmas sale at Big W for $5 a few years ago. It's been great and I've pulled it out and decorated it in some way every year.

The after Christmas sales of Christmas stuff can be good if you can stand looking at Christmas stuff after Christmas! Last year I couldn't even go there...I was ready to move on....it's like that sometimes.

One last thing. I made this bauble (below) last Christmas and hung it above my craft room door.

It stayed there all year cause I liked it.

Will be back to show you the presents under the tree tomorrow!

They're fake presents, of course.

Wouldn't it be nice if they were filled with cash? That'd have you running up to Photo Continental in a flash, wouldn't it?

That'd be funny..."Excuse me, madam, why are you ripping up our display?"

"Um (eyes shifting from left to right), no reason..."


Bye now!

PS. If I leave any cash about in any of the things I make, you'll be the first to know!

PPS. If you aren't sure if I'm joshing you or not, and you decide to go to PC just in case, take a candy cane from the table instead. They're free and you're allowed to take one because I put them there.

See you!


  1. Matchy Sister SuziDecember 8, 2009 at 5:07 PM

    Loving the Christmas content Deb! Yes we did have little boxes on our family christmas tree - they were shiny silver, gold, purple and red. Keep the Christmas ideas rolling....!

  2. Well, there you go. I couldn't remember - it was all a bit vague. Thanks for letting me know. More Christmas things to come!

  3. PS: Where can I buy this glue pad...It's a fab idea for quick glueing/glittering.

  4. Photo Continental - I got mine there. They had a couple of brands. I know that Spotlight has The Essential Glue Pad too. Or Google glue pad and see what shops have it online. :o)


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