17 December 2009

Talking about Scallops

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd show you some more projects you can do with the big Scallop Sizzix die.

To me, they're big punches and I love 'em. Like, I really love 'em.

Firstly, a little treat bag. It looks hard, but it's not.

All you do is make a three-sided box and put it between two scallops.
Make your base and your lid as per normal. Cut one side off each. Fold and tape your two sections as if you were making the boxes (but you're only doing three sides) and then stick them together with tape with an opening at the top.

Glue (or tape) the box to one scallop. When you stick the second one on, stand the bag up so the scallops sit evenly on your desk top. This'll make your bag nice and stable. You don't want to stick the sides down, then stand the bag up and find it's all rocky.

As always, jazz up with embossing, glitter and ribbon. Can't go wrong with those.

The embossing folder is from Sizzix - Winter Set #2 and the folder is called Starry Night (comes in a set of four). It's really pretty.

The snowman paper is from MME Colourful Christmas and that was cut with the Cuttlebug For You die and combo set. I feel like I've showed you that bauble a bazillion times this season, but it's a goodie and it's worth it!

Another quick way to use any big die is to fold it in half, emboss it with your choice of folder (I chose another Sizzix folder called Snowballs from the Winter Set), glitter some of the design, add some ribbon and you've got a cute candy cane, or choc bar, holder.

These would work for a table setting too. And would be a little quicker to make than treat boxes.

I tell ya, when it comes to Christmas decorating, organising and whatnot, you've got to be on the ball with the planning, don't you? Stuff takes time and it's no fun if you rush and then run out of time.

Last thing, I am doing a December Daily album, but it's not a daily album for me this year. I've done the bones of it (it's 8 x 8), and I've been taking photos and doing a bit of journalling, but I've just had no time to put it together. It'll be an after Christmas project for me.

Are you doing one?

Ali's putting up her pages every few days and sharing the pages of others. It's nice to see what people are doing. And how it's snowing over there!

Okay, must go, bye now.

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