16 December 2009

Christmas Quiz

Well, hello!

While blog surfing I found this quiz on Melissa Goodsell's blog (scroll down to 11 Dec) and thought it'd be fun to do here too.

Then I thought it'd be cool to print it out and put it in my December Daily album. Yep, for sure.

(I changed a question or two on the quiz)

If you've got kids, maybe you could get them to fill out the quiz and add it to your book too. Or change the questions to suit them, or your whole family. Would be something fun to do together after dinner one night. Snap a photo of everyone reading their answers and the day's entry is complete.

I'd change a few questions for Andrew's quiz - don't think he's into handmade, actually, untrue. He's very good with wood and building stuff, so I'll leave the questions as is for him.

Okay, here's the quiz.

1. What's one gift you'd like to receive this year?

Travel Scrabble from Andrew

2. What is your favourite handmade gift you've received?

I didn't get it for Christmas, but my mum asked my grandpa to make me a dollhouse for my 8th birthday. The box house I'd made kept falling down and mum felt sorry for me. Grandpa made it and she decorated it and made the furniture. And the Barbie clothes. The best thing ever.

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?

None, really. I've made scrapbook albums as gifts, which was what I wanted to do.

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?

Okay, a gold watch when I was about 11 or so. I saw it in the display and loved it, but didn't think anyone saw me looking at it. When I opened the box on Christmas Day I was so shocked. Like, how did Mum know?

5. What's your favourite holiday food?

Hot and cold Christmas dinner, prawns, the nice salads (watermelon salad is a blast from the past. Still love it).

6. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays?

Christmas cards and my December Daily album, but I probably won't get to that until January. Not many personal projects on the go this year...did so many last year!

7. Favourite holiday movie?

Christmas with the Kranks for the fun factor. Miracle on 34th Street (older version) for the timeless factor. I like The Santa Clause ones too.

8. Favourite holiday song/album?

This year it's Amy Grant's Christmas Collection. Loving it.

9. What's your favourite part of Christmas?

Times like this. It's 9:47am and I'm supposed to be ironing, but I'm still in my pjs doing this quiz instead.

Collecting Christmas papers. Especially music papers.

And the Christmas quiet.

Enjoying the sunsets, being with Andrew, playing with the dog, watching movies, being out at night...all those things that are quiet to me in the rush of the season.

And decorating. I love decorating and making things for the house when I have the time and the inclination.

This year I haven't had the time, or much of the inclination, but that's okay. That's life. Go with the ebb and flow...

10. How do you make Christmas special?

I focus on the things that make me feel fulfilled.

God, of course, and the gift He gave in sending Jesus for us. That's huge. That's what Christmas is all about. He's a gift to us and I love that I live with and love Him each and every day. And that He loves me too. Oh, so much. I know you do, Lord.

I also focus on the little things. Buying cute ornaments. Making time for silly things like paper hats. Listening to the words of special songs. Watching movies. Special moments that come along. We all have those. I focus on them.

Hey, going to do a quiz too? It's fun!

Have a great day!


  1. Enjoyed reading all your answers Deb. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas.


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