18 December 2009

Bits and pieces

Hey there,

Some bits and pieces to show you today - just little things.

Here's a little treat box. I've showed you boxes like this a few times before. I tell you, if you learn how to make a few types of boxes, or some sort of treat bag, then you're set for all sorts of occasions. Yes?

This little one is cute because the top swings for you to write a little message underneath. And you can put anything in the box.

Remember the blister packaging from the embossing folders? I had some left over and used it up by making these little Christmas decorations for the craft tree. The shapes are stuck on with foam dots.

The We Are Memory Keepers Corner Chompers come in different styles now - see them above? A deco one and the scallop one - not sure of actual names. The chompers chomp into anything, so they're a great investment. They chomp through the acetate no problems - can't do that with a regular corner rounder, hey?

I'm considering using the one on the Santa decoration as the corner for my December Daily book. We'll see. Haven't made that decision yet. You know, it's a soft corner, but it's not just rounded off. Kinda like that.

This is a little project I did for my brother and sister-in-law last year. I snapped this photo of Casey and Jack and thought Pete and Shaz might like it. We all share photos, you know? The ornament is wooden - I added the paper, stuck the photo on, painted it around the edge with white, added the bits and some Stickles. And a ribbon, so they could hang it up. Made one for myself too, of course!

The flower tag has a message on the back and went with it in the post.

Cutie boys...and they've grown a lot.

Here's a couple of cards to finish off today's bits and pieces post.

Both of these cards have something in common - yep, gingerbread men.

I am going to make some gingerbread biscuits, I think.

Have I ever wanted to make gingerbread biscuits before? No.

Why do I want to now? No clue.

Actually, I do have a clue. I had one at a friend's house and quite liked it. Thought Christmas time is as good as any to give it a go myself. Will see how it goes and whether it gets done. Won't take too long right? Mix dough, roll dough, cut 'em out and cook 'em...

Don't have a gingerbread man biscuit cutter, so they'll have to be circle ones. And I'm not going to ice them because the gingerbread goes soft. They'll be fairly plain...maybe I'll get crafty and jazz 'em up somehow.

Maybe not, but here's hoping!

A great day to you!

Bye now,



  1. Hi Debra, I love the gingerbread cards. We make gingerbread biscuits every year for Christmas (the kids love the raw dough) I'll email you the recipe - you should give it a go! Make sure it's not too hot, as the oven is on for a long time as the mixture goes on and on and on!

  2. Hey Rebecca, Glad you like the cards. Thanks for the recipe, I'd love that. Okay, sounds interesting - won't have the oven too hot...!


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