17 November 2009

Scor-Pal Tuesday - Envelopes

Hi, and welcome to Scor-Pal Tuesday!

Today we'll talk about envelopes.

And envelopes we'll talk about!

How do you make envelopes on the Scor-Pal?

What I did was grab the two sizes of envelopes I use all the time and then I carefully pulled them apart to find out their measurements.

I then cut a new piece of paper to those measurements and used the Scor-Pal to score the fold lines.

As you can see above, I wrote the measurements on as well to make it easy to remember what to do next time.

And there you go, one envelope template.

With these types of envelopes, you can leave the tabs in or out depending on the time you have, the look you want, the type of paper you're using etc. It's up to you.

In the photo above, I've put crosses on the tabs.

If you do chop the tabs out, don't cut along the embossed line, cut those lines off completely. It makes the envelope fold together better.

And here's a template I made for an envelopebox (or envelobox). They're the ones with extra depth for thicker cards, or maybe a CD. You can change the depth of your box by using different score lines.

About all these projects - I sat down at my desk and worked out these bits and pieces for myself for three reasons.

One, I wanted to see how easy it was to make them from scratch.

Two, I wanted to concentrate on the things I need at the moment. Envelopes, dvd boxes etc.

And three, I didn't want to go onto the Scor-Pal site and use other people's ideas without credit, you know? Please remember that they have a lot of projects over there - so check them out. I'm going to! I want to make a pizza box...

Okay, back to the envelopes.

Firstly, a card.

(I used a Labels 8 Nestabilities die, a die cut from October Afternoon's Cherry Hill die cut sheet, the Hero Arts Basic Alphabet set and that's some Martha Stewart glitter around the edges. The blue paper is from the Die Cuts With a View Citrus Stack I talked about a few weeks ago and the organza ribbon is from my stash.)

And an envelope to match! (I just used an orange piece of patterned paper I had)

As you can see I went for a bright envelope...Whoa, hello, letterbox!

Note the rounded corners. Another way to work the envelope.

* 21 x 26cm
* Top flap: 6cm
* Bottom flap: 8cm
* Side flaps: 2cm
* I cut the top tabs only. Left the bottom ones to make the envelope thicker (it's paper).

And here's another long fold (A5 piece of card folded longways). I've always used DL envelopes for these cards. They're too wide, but you use what you can, hey?

(These characters are in Punch Art Fun for everyone Book 3 in the Christmas section. The reindeer is a fusion of two on page 43)

Oh, look! An envelope!

An envelope that's the right size...amazing!


Also cut the tabs off this one because the card is very thick.

To make this envelope I measured it on the Scor-Pal and made sure my card would fold and fit around it. Pretty much!

* 18 x 29cm
* Put short edge to top of Scor-Pal. Score at 6cm and then 14cm.
* Side flaps: Put long edge to top of Scor-Pal. Push card flush to the right. Score at 4cm. Rotate 180 degrees. Make sure card is flush to the right again. Score at 4cm.

I'm hoping all my instructions are correct for you!

Here's a little card for you. This one's a gift card and the front is 7 x 7.5cm. It's little!

Here's the envelope. It's little too. Of course.

Once again, gave the card a little breathing room and scored around it to make the envelope.

* 14 x 18cm
* Top flap: 4cm
* Bottom flap: 6cm
* Side flaps: 3cm

This is the back flap. Looks cute decorated with scallop scissors and a bit of matching paper.

I made a second envelope for the card too. The first one fit, but it was a little tight.

* 15 x 22cm
* Top and bottom flaps: 6cm
* Side flaps: 3cm
* I rounded the corners and added paper again to decorate.

This is the big card from yesterday (it's an A5 size) with the gift card, so you can see the difference between them.

Isn't it great to know you can make an envelope to match any size card?

And enveloboxes, you can make any size envelobox too. The cards below are thicker, so they got an envelobox made for them.

These are using My Mind's Eye (2009) The Merry Days of Christmas line. It's more traditional than their other (2009) Colourful Christmas line. I love both.

And here's the envelobox.

Measurements (made up from the scrap piece of paper I had on hand):
* 15.5 x 30cm
* Top flap: Score at 6 and 6.5cm
* Bottom flap: Score at 8 and 8.5cm
* Side flaps: Score at 1 and 1.5cm

Here's the template again, so you can see where to cut the tabs out. I left the tabs on the top, so you can see the difference.

It's just a matter of scoring the lines and folding and taping your box together after that.

Here's another card with an envelobox.

Measurements for this one:
* 17.5 x 26cm
* Top flap: 6 and 6.5cm
* Bottom flap: 8 and 8.5cm
* Sides: 2 and 2.5cm

Loving that gold cord at the moment. Got it at Spotlight. I get most generic stuff there - ribbon, buttons, thread, cord....

I used the Fiskars Threading Water punch to decorate a red strip of card for the back flap of the envelope. I'll post a pic of that tomorrow.

Well, that's it for envelopes.

Summary: You can make them on the Scor-Pal!

See you tomorrow!


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