16 November 2009

Scor-Pal Monday!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to a big week on the blog!

This week it's all about the Scor-Pal!

Each day I'm going to show you some fun projects I've made with this great tool. It's got so many uses!

(You can also check out the Scor-Pal website here to see other great projects in both Imperial and Metric measurements.)

I really think you're going to want one of these tools by the end of the week, if you don't already! So you can buy one for yourself, and put it under the Christmas tree, Blue Bazaar is offering a 15% discount to Punch Art Fun blog readers! How cool is that?

When ordering, all you have to do is choose the Scor-Pal you want (they come in both Imperial and Metric) and then put SCOR15 in the comments section to get 15% off your Scor-Pal. This discount will be applied manually at the time of processing. Okay?

Things to note:

* The Scor-Pal is $66. With the 15% discount it comes down to $56.10. Cool!

* You can also buy an extra Scor-Tool for $6.95 if you think you'll lose yours :o)

* The discount code is SCOR15. Remember to put it in the comments section when you checkout.

* The discount code is valid until 30 Nov.

* You can order either a Metric or Imperial Scor-Pal. Click here to go to the actual page (scroll to the bottom).

* If for some reason the above link doesn't work, go to www.bluebazaar.com.au, click Shop Online and they're under **November NEW 7 on the left hand side.

* You can combine orders at Blue Bazaar.

(For example, say you buy a Scor-Pal and then you notice you want some of the new October Afternoon Christmas line, but it's not in the shop yet (they tell you what's coming in the newsletter). Place your Scor-Pal order and ask them to hold it for you in the comments section. When the OA line comes in, you can order that and then ask them to send both orders in the comments section again. You only pay the postage once and you get the cool things you want. Great, huh?)

* If you have any questions for the Blue Bazaar staff about anything, put them in the comments section, or just send them an email (info@bluebazaar.com.au). They'll look after you wonderfully!

* If you have any questions for me just email me too (address on sidebar).

Okay? Okay!

Now, let's get to talking about the Scor-Pal!

Okay, so what is the Scor-Pal? Basically it's a score board with a lot of grooves on it that are used for all sorts of scoring projects.

It also comes with a Scor-Tool that clips in the top for easy storage. Love flicking that thing out!

This is why you want to score your card...look at the difference!

Now, confession time here. I've never been big on scoring because I could never get the score line exactly in the middle of the card. Have you done that? I just gave up and put up with the cracking.

But cracking no longer! Look at that beautiful seam! And it's on the cream card I use all the time that's thicker than Bazzill. If you've been to any of my classes, you'll know the card I'm talking about.

(Remember the mountain of the score goes on the inside of your project, while the indentation goes on the outside)

And it's on a long fold too!

When you take an A5 piece of card and fold it in half the regular way, that makes a regular card. I don't know what the official name of it is! A6?

Then, when you take an A5 piece of card and fold it in half longways, it makes a long fold. Get me?

Long folds are notoriously hard to get right, particularly with the thicker cream card, and the Scor-Pal makes them so easy.

So, above is my favourite China White cream card (it's not Bazzill) and it's a long fold. Wowee, look at that seam. Nice.

Ah, you've seen this one before. It's a long fold and it's Bazzill Arctic blue. Easy to fold on the Scor-Pal.

When you're making this many cards at once, well, please...pull out the Scor-Pal, would you?

I made 150 of the bauble ones above. 150!

Did I own a Scor-Pal then?

Short answer: No

Reaction to short answer: Rats

Okay, so here's the Scor-Pal.

See the Scor-Tool at the top? You press on the green bit and it flicks out. It's fun. :o)

This is the Imperial Scor-Pal. The grey one. The original.

It has grooves at 1/2 an inch increments all the way along, as well as extra grooves for certain folds you might need.

There's little markers along the top that indictate the grooves.

See that little dot? There's two of them along the board. You use those if you want to do a gate fold on an A2 (US size) card.

Then you've got the arrow. There's two of them as well. They divide an 8 1/2" by 11" card into thirds for brochure folding, accordian booklets and letter folding. Things like that.

Seeing that we're Metric over here, why would I want an Imperial Scor-Pal?

* Some people still think in inches, so it's a good option.

* There's a lot of education out there on the web, and if you are looking at You Tube of someone doing a project on the Imperial one, it can be easier to just copy their measurements exactly rather than convert them. This especially true on the harder projects!

* We Australian paper crafters think in both Imperial and Metric measurements all the time, don't we? You may like inches better!

* Inches are easy to work with. You can make an accordian fold card in seconds by placing your card in the board and scoring at 2", 4", 6", 8" and 10". Easy.

* Like I said above, the Scor-Pal website has projects in both Metric and Imperial, so they've got you covered there.

This is the Metric Scor-Pal. It has more grooves because centimetres are smaller than inches. The first few, and last few, are at 1/2 cm increments. All the rest are 1 cm apart, with a few extras.

There's no 15cm groove. I'll talk about that more below.

The Metric Scor-Pal has a lot of markers at the top for all the different folds.

Let's check them out...

There's two of these dots. They will make a gate fold along the width of an A5 card or along the length of an A4 card.

(I'm getting some of this info from the info sheet that comes with the tool)

Use the plus sign to make a gate fold along the width of an A4 card. Score at the + then rotate the paper 180 degrees and score at the + again.

A note on that.

Sometimes you can put the paper down and score all the lines you need on that side without moving the card.

Sometimes you have to do as above and score 2cm in from each side, turning as you go. It probably doesn't make sense now, but when you make a project you'll see what I mean!

Okay, here's the arrow. It's for A4 brochure folds. There's two arrows on the board.

The star is to fold a normal card the normal way.

Ah, here's the heart. It's not the 15 cm groove. There is no 15 cm groove.

The heart groove replaces it and we use the heart groove to fold an A4 piece of card to A5. Simple.

And hey, I just got up before and got a normal card and scored it along the star line to make my fold. Perfect! Honestly, it was perfect. I love this tool!

And this is what I did. I wrote the instructions on the back of the Scor-Pal in permanent pen.

I highly recommend this!

Other things to note about the Metric-Scor Pal:

* It's blue. A nice blue.

* The Metric Scor-Pal is designed for use with A4 cardstock. It's suggested you use the Imperial Scor-Pal when using 12 x 12 cardstock.

* A regular sheet of 12 x 12 card will not fit into the Metric board. You have to trim it down by 1/2 a cm or so (because it's designed for A4 as said above).

* I didn't take a photo of them, but there's another two arrows at the bottom. They point inwards towards each other and indicate the heart groove at the bottom. Scroll up to the full Scor-Pal photo. See them? They're the black marks. They're helpful for diagonal folds, so you can be sure you're scoring on the same line from top to bottom. Another useful feature of the Scor-Pal.

Okay, let's finish up with a couple of cards.

They're using October Afternoon's fabbo Farm Fresh line. I love this line!

And I used the Scor-Pal, but not in the way you think!

Will explain later this week...

Wow, huge post today.

Will be back with some more projects tomorrow!


PPS. Remember to put SCOR15 in the comments section when you checkout to claim your 15% discount!

PPPS. Check out the new October Afternoon Very Merry line. Love those Wild Cards!


  1. Hiya Debra, hope you are well??? Thanks for this fab info about the Scor-Pal... I MUST have one NOW! lol... I love my Crafters Companion but for scoring cards I really need something more accurate than my cutterpede scorer blade! I am looking forward to more Scor-Pal info here.

  2. Hi Liz,
    Thanks, well, but busy! Gosh! You? No probs about the info, it'll be coming all week. It's a great tool and I highly, highly recommend it. Yes, great for scoring cards and everything else!
    Talk soon,

  3. I wanna make one and I'll use an a4 card.


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