19 November 2009

Scor-Pal Thursday - Boxes

Hello! It's Scor-Pal Thursday!

Today is all about boxes of all sizes and shapes. So fun.

Firstly, a simple box template.

To make a box:

1. Decide on the size lid you want and then cut your paper one inch wider all the way around. Put your box on the Scor-Pal and score at 1" on each side.

(An inch is a good height for a regular box. That's about 2.5cm in metric)

2. To make the base, cut the same size piece of paper as the lid and then trim a tiny bit off two sides, so when you fold it up it'll sit inside the lid. If you're using cardstock you'll have to cut a little more off. When using paper just trim only a few mm, or an 1/8" of an inch.

I suggest making your box with just regular copy paper first, so you can check all your measurements and cuts are correct.

3. After you've scored your lines, cut your tabs as you can see in the photo.

These tabs need double-sided tape. I put an * on one tab in the photo, so you can see where I mean.

4. Then fold and tape your box together!

Note for you: Don't make boxes after you make envelopes, okay? With envelopes you cut the tabs off. With boxes, you don't. When you cut the tabs off your boxes three times in a row, you finally get that idea. Trust me on that...

Here's some boxes I made - all are October Afternoon papers - Ducks in a Row, Farm Fresh x 3, Weathervane, Cherry Hill, Good Cheer.

Cute for a baby shower. You know, with little socks in it, or a bib, or similar? Wrapping clothing can be hard, but not with a little box like this.

On all these boxes the ribbon is only on the lid, so the box stays neat and sits flat. And so it's easier to open.

Didn't record any measurements for this one. Not sure why...sorry about that.

You can use patterned paper from the same line for the base like I did here, or just plain card (would make it sturdier and cheaper).

* Lid - 8 x 8"
* Base - 7 and 7/8 x 7 and 7/8"
* Sides - 1"

I wasn't making these for any particular reason, I was just making them in different sizes.

This is similar in size to Erin's trinket type boxes that I've showed you before (Link in sidebar - How to Make Paper Boxes).

* Lid - 8 x 8"
* Base - 7 and 7/8" x 7 and 7/8"
* Sides - 5"

Made this tiny one on purpose. Just wanted to make a tiny one! And it's tiny!

The lid's too big and I barely took any off the sides. It's all trial and error.

* Lid - 3 and 3/4 x 3 and 3/4"
* Base - 3 and 5/8 x 3 and 5/8" (make a bit bigger)
* Sides - 1"

This is a favourite because it's a DVD box. What a nice way to give a DVD to someone. I'll use this in the future for sure.

* Lid - 18.5 x 25cm
* Base - 18cm 2mm x 24cm 2mm
* Sides - 2cm

This was supposed to be a DVD box, but I got my measurements wrong. I'll use it for something, but use copy paper first, people!

* Lid - 7 and 1/4 x 9 and 3/4"
* Base - 7 and 1/8 x 9 and 5/8"
* Sides - 1"

This one I made for my mum on purpose because she's into everything snowy. I made some snowman cards to put in it, but they didn't fit! And no, I didn't check them first. Didn't have time. Oh, well.

That's why I'm here, so you can learn from my mistakes.

And so I can learn from my own mistakes.

(I made some envelopes instead and it was sorted)

* Lid - 8 x 8"
* Base - 7 and 7/8" x 7 and 7/8"
* Sides - 1"

Well, that's it for the boxes today.

Will see you tomorrow for Scor-Pal Friday!


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  1. Love that pink box, it is beautiful, pink and snow, very pretty. Can't believe it is Thursday already.



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