20 November 2009

Scor-Pal Friday - Treat bags

Hey, it's Scor-Pal Friday today!

Wow, what a week!

Today is all about treat bags and bag toppers, so let's have a look.

Ah, a cute treat bag.

Measurements: 2.5" x 10" with a flap scored at 2" from the top.
You might remember these treat bags. I posted them around Easter this year.

Just reminding you that they're a simple idea that can be used all year round, and for any occasion.

Now, bag toppers.

They're simply a shape that's folded on top of a bag that has treats inside. Cute gift idea too.

Here's how to make a bag topper:

* Take your topper shape and put it along any score line and score. I used Sizzix scallop circles and scallop squares.

* Fold over your treat bag and staple.

* Cover the staple with an embellishment.

* You could also punch a hole and tie a ribbon through to attach the topper.

I've scored the line here, but you can't see it very well. I'm trying with the visuals here, but sometimes the visuals aren't visable!

Let's just look at more bag toppers instead.

These two are from the (2009) Making Memories Mistletoe collection.

See the pointy edges?

I scored through the mountain of the scallop. Next time I'd probably score through the valley to avoid that pointy bit.

And now these are from October Afternoon.

How much to I love these papers?

A lot.

More points, but they're not as pointy. Different scallop shape. This one's the one from Sizzix's Clear die line.

Most of the die-cuts are from Cherry Hill, I think. I just mixed and matched. Good way to use up little bits.

Well, everyone, that's it for Scor-Pal week! It's been fun!

I hope you enjoyed all the projects and you've been inspired to make something fun and different.

Bye for now,


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