10 November 2011

I really like this...

"Most of the time it’s better to be safe than sorry, but in design, sometimes it’s better to be smiley than safe."

Layla Palmer from The Lettered Cottage. 

You can read her post here. She's a designer - and a really good one too. In her post she talks about putting an old map on the wall in their bedroom. 

Not safe, but smiley. 


In design sometimes it's better to be smiley than safe. 

I agree. 



  1. This post was especially for me hey Deb !! I am still not smiling but trying too!!! Looking upwards all the way.... haha. sha

  2. You and that carpet, goodness me - how disappointing. Have you bought the white bedside cabinet yet??

  3. Not yet... need time to recover before entering into another unknown..


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