09 November 2011

Crafting update

I feel like I haven't been productive lately, but that's complete nonsense, I have. 


Mum, Sue and I have made the glittery flowers (exactly like above with the same paper and everything) for this year's Christmas table.

We're going to put chocolates in them and each person will have one at their place setting. Fun. And glittery.

I love that Pralines & Cream Fairy Dust Glitter!


(Ha ha, he's slept like that since he was a baby puppy.

He's two and I still think he's a puppy.

He is, he still has down, so he'll be a pup in my eyes until it's gone...it's still behind his ears and on his back legs...so soft.)

I've done a bit of cross stitch after not doing any for over 2 months.

I'm filling in all the white on his face. Like it because I don't have to count.

Showed Sue and she noticed I was stitching vertically - she told me go horizontally, it's easier, she said.

I did.

It is.

Thanks, Sue.


I've made over 60 cards in the last few weeks (and about that many envelopes too).

I know, I can't believe it either.

I made about 12 with matching envelopes on the weekend and I wouldn't have said I crafted much at all.

The trick?

Or tricks...

Production lines, ideas that work and produce new ideas, simple concepts, tools that work, a willingness to stand up at my scrap cabinet even though I really don't want to.

Sometimes I just don't want to stand up at that cabinet!

Sometimes I just make myself...

Usually five minutes later I wonder why I didn't stand up there an hour earlier...

Hello? Inspiration vs law!!


I've made stacks and stacks of Christmas decorations.

Made them for the October show (more on that soon).

Also made a couple for myself (going to make more).

Photo Continental is one big light box. I think I'll just take my photos over there from now on :o)

And I was on a ladder.

And the ornaments were on strings.

Not easy photo taking conditions, but they came out fab. See? Sometimes if you don't try too hard things work out perfectly....

The Lumix and I?

We're friends.

And Five

Not something I've made, but something I was given.

Thanks, Di, thanks to you, I love 'em.

And guess what?

When Sue was dividing them out between us, she gave me this one...


Did she do that on purpose?

I don't know.

I was watching her when she was doing it and we were chatting at the same time...I think it was an accident.



Thanks, Snoo.

Thanks, Di.

Sue made a yo yo tree from fabric and used one of them as the base. So cute.

I'm going to make a paper tree and use one as the base...hello, of course.


Crafting makes me happy and that's all there is to it.

That's why I make myself stand up at the cabinet.

It's good for me.

And I walk away happy...


  1. Crafting makes me happy too! And wow how clever am I!! Didn't even notice the bottom of that cotton reel had just CLARK on it... haha! I am still making my yo yo trees, glad you got to make one too. The cotton reels really make it just as cute as a button!

  2. I know, I know it does. I didn't think you noticed the Clark otherwise you would've said. It's a goodie. I didn't make a yo yo tree, I'm doing the other tree (which I haven't stuck together yet). Bit hot to be doing anything today! The yo yo trees really are very cute. Like 'em.


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