11 November 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrap history? Part 1

What's my scrap history you ask?

Well, I made my first page in Dec of 2000.

Want to see it?

Yep, Creative Memories. I think a lot of us started there, yes?

I'd been doing punch art for a few years and knew about scrapbooking, but wasn't interested in it at the time. I knew I'd pick it up eventually and then the invite to the party came and it went from there.

From 2001 to 2002...

I scrapped all my photos in chronological order. All of them.

You see, I grew up with all our family photos in albums in chronological order and I wanted  mine that way.

I also wanted to get them out of those cheap slip in albums that were really bulky to store. I had loose photos that needed to be wrangled too...you know how it is.

Yes, ha ha, Andrew laughs about it now because I've gone back to slip in albums. They're not the same type of slip in albums, that's my point.

Here are some of the pages from the early days.

I wasn't interested in doing pretty pages, I was interested in getting my photos in order, dated and captioned.

A note about the captions: They're embarrassing. Please don't judge :o)

I love, love, love these old photos. 

That's me in the blue shirt on the right there. 

I was sick that weekend and even threw up in the car (I was driving) on the way to Mum and Dad's. Pete was the only one home and came out to a very sick sister and an even...well, not fab car interior. 

He cleaned up the whole mess. 

Oh my word, I still can't believe he did that. 

The story is documented on the page there - real life!

In 2002...

I caught up with my photos and then started scrapping them as I got them developed.

At this stage I added more colour in the way of solid cardstock mostly.

Here are those pages...

I scrapped like this for years.

In 2005 I was flipping through my albums and I thought, "This is not my life."

I was quite shocked because I just wasn't getting what I was wanting as I was looking at my photos. I realised that I'd basically been scrapping events only and not my life.

I changed my chrono scrapping from then on to include photos of lots of different things as well as events. I feel my scrapbooks are a lot more well-rounded now. And the way I want them.

I still flip through them even now with the intent of seeing what's missing in a way. Enough photos of around the house? Out with Andrew? Bits and pieces? You know, just things, people, places - life from my perspective.

I do see my albums as a visual diary, for sure.

And an ongoing record of our lives together.

I have more to tell you - I'll be back very soon to tell you about the mini album craze!


PS. A Scrap Quiz is a series that I'm doing here on the blog where I ask myself questions that I think you might have (or have been asked) and then answer them. Check out A Scrap Quiz on the right sidebar there to see the other posts.

PPS. We all miss Steve. He was a good man. 


  1. Love it! All the old scrapping pages, they really bring a chuckle. Can't wait for the mimi book craze blogs!

  2. Yeah, can't believe how much we did in the early years. And that was before the mini albums! I'll scan that photo for you too. :o)


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