22 November 2011

Close ups of the Christmas decorations at PC

Here they are! 

I didn't get all of them, but tried to get a variety. 

I was on a ladder while taking the photos!

Cottage Cutz die with white fizz glitter. 

Sizzix die - Ornament #2

Sizzix die - Ornaments #3 (there are two ornaments on the die)

Cottage Cutz die with Martha Stewart glitter

Sizzix die - Ornaments #3 (second of the two ornaments)

It looks a little squished unfortunately.

Spellbinders Holiday Tags

Sullivans blue Bauble punch.

Sizzix die - Ornament, Round 3D.

This one comes in two parts and you slot them together. 

Rings made using Curvy Cutter - they're a little warped because I glued them. Should've taped them. Rats. 

Sullivans pink star in the middle. 

Curvy Cutter again. 

Jingle bells from Spotlight. 

Sullivans pink tree. 

Sizzix die - Clear scallop circle. 

Sizzix die - Ornament #2.

Felt from Spotlight. 

Spellbinders 2011 Heirloom Ornaments

While I was over there I found these too...

Spellbinders 2010 Heirloom Ornaments. 

I've made one decoration with it so far. Want to do more, particularly the biggest one.

Oh yes, both the ornament sets and the Holiday Tags are limited edition sets according to the Spellbinders website, so if you want them, grab them.

Curvy Cutter Oval templates. 

Pink Star punch from Sullivans.

Pink Star punch from Sullivans. 

Cut acetate with it and put clear glitter on one side. Was going to glitter both sides, but it didn't need it. 

New Sizzix die - Flower #2. 

It's one of the new ones that comes with a matching embossing folder. Nice. 

Foam ball and shard glitter from Photo Continental. 

Blue Tree punch from Sullivans. 

Want to use the Pink Tree to make the same thing. 

Not sure what size circle this is. Doesn't matter - any size works. Bigger wreath, bigger circle. 

Sizzix die - Ornament #2. 

Small tree wreath - blue tree punch from Sullivans. 

Was trying to get a pick of the long one with all the shapes on it. 

There's also a long one there with just stars on it. 

Well, that's it for the decs. Hope you liked them and if you're in the area, check 'em out. There are lots of brands of dies at PC that you can use to do the same thing. It's all fun. 

Thought I'd finish with these two pics again - you can see that I just mixed and matched all the decs and had fun with it. 

Hope you do too!

I'm ready to start making some of my own now - looking forward to it!

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