21 November 2011

Craft show Christmas decorations at PC

Hi there, 

Here are the craft show decorations over at PC. We had to put them up in the store for the Christmas season, so fun. 

Teena said she was going to do that while we were at the show, but I didn't know what sort of structure they were going to build. Neither did she, but this is what one of the guys came up with. 

The girls and I were talking about putting clothes cut outs on it after Christmas :o) 

You  know how little kids' clothes have motifs on them? Those motifs could be dies or something like that. 

Or punch art! Of course...ha ha. Oh, so cute. 

Can you see some paper socks on the line with little cars on them or something like that? 

Yep, we're going to like the new display area, I can tell. 

I took the three photos at the same time - the middle one looks like it's got stacks more strings than the bottom one, hey?

I tell ya, strings are hard to photograph.

Now I realise I haven't done any close ups of the decs for you to see, but I'll post them soon because I did take some while I was over there. The light's much better than in my hallway or at the show.

Bye now - have a great day. Stay cool (in both senses of the word).

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