03 October 2011

Things I've learnt recently...

....or have been reminded of or have known for a while and just realised again...

1. I'm slow to accept new technology. 

Blogger has just moved over to a new interface, and even though I had the choice to stay with the old one, I forced myself to move to the new one and accept the learning curve that came with it.

2. It's worth paying the money to get your oven professionally cleaned. I will do this for the rest of my life if I can.

3. It's also worth paying the money for sticky tape that actually sticks. Cheap is cheap.

4. I drink more water when I use a little cup. Big cups put me off.

5. You can have all the routines in the world, but sometimes your body just says, "no".

6. I didn't realise how much of a team Andrew and I are until I had to go to a family event on his side of the family without him.

We always do that kinda stuff together, so it was weird doing it solo. On the same day (craft show Saturday) he was on a full day out with his work without me and he said it was a bit lonely at times. Yep, a team. A couple. Us.

7. The only way you'll ever deal with anything is to face it head on, see it for what it is and just walk through the pain of it.

Yep, it hurts, but denying it makes it worse. And as the Lord said to Joyce (Meyer), "Yes, it's the reason you are the way you are, but don't let it be your excuse to stay that way."

8. I am very unimpressed by things that don't do what they should like brand new dvd players that stop working in the middle of the movie you're watching.

9. Real tennis balls bounce a lot more and are more fun for the dog. Thanks, Dad.

10. That I know when things are right and when they're not.

I named our new chooks Hilda, Pearl and Ruby, but days later I knew Hilda wasn't her name. I knew it'd come eventually and it did after options like Jasmine, Rose, Rosie and Rosemary were tossed out too.

I waited and it popped into my mind one afternoon.

(I'll admit that previously I did look at her and say, "What isss your name, girl?")

Queenie...her name is Queenie.

I was going to be Natalie Louise, but Mum and Dad said I didn't look like a Natalie Louise. I looked like a Debra. And it actually wasn't my name until I was 27.

I was Debbie my whole life - and still am to my family and friends (that and Deb) - but when I left school teaching I started to be called Debra as you do by people that don't know you very well and they call you by your formal name.

It stuck and that's how I'm known now. I call myself that, I introduce myself to people as that, I am that. I love the name, it's me. Just took a long time to be called it.

Andrew calls me Debra too - no one else in my family does. He's not allowed to call me Debbie, no way! He gets a big hand slapped across his mouth to stifle it if he does. Just sounds weird coming from him...

So, that's my list. It's a random one, but there you go.


This post was inspired by Angie's New Things I've Learnt Lately post.

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