04 October 2011

The cute stamps I bought from Etsy

Thought you might like to see them! 

They're so cute...honestly, gorgeous. 

And how dooooes she hand carve them?


So what we have here is a DSLR on the left and a regular camera on the right. 

The rubber is yellow on the regular camera because I stamped it already and my ink stained it a bit. 

I also bought the heart in the speech bubble too - know how I'll be using it...just to add to the scrap pages. 

Ha ha, was only having a go with them and didn't notice until now that the camera is saying that it loves me. 

I'd love it back if it came to live at my house :o) 

The stamps don't have a cushion in between the rubber and the wood, so I put my paper on some thin foam (like fun foam) and stamped on that. Apparently it gives a better impression when you do that.

It does and it did.

Ah, yes, and just for fun I thought I'd try a glittery camera. 

Stamped it in Versamark and put some Pralines & Cream Fairy Dust Glitter on it. 

So gorgeous!! 

I don't know if it's going to be permanent or anything (I don't know much about these things), but I'm definitely doing this again and putting it in my book (scrapbook, that is). 


Thanks, Olga, for sharing your amazing talents with us. If you do a typewriter stamp, let me know!

You can get personalised things too. The dog one with 'Cody' on it would be cute. The kitty one is cute too. And the bacon and eggs! 


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