11 October 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's on your scrap desk right now?

It's not really a scrap desk, it's a scrap cabinet - but the name doesn't matter, it's where I scrap. 

I snapped these pictures recently - because I felt like it I guess. 

I like seeing goings on through the lens...it's interesting to me. 

Here's that small cabinet that was only supposed to be there for the summer last year - we're coming up to summer this year and it's still there, so I guess it's a permanent fixture right now.

I like it. It works and I need the space on top to store things on.

The actual scrap space is a bit of a mess - not to me though of course.

Lately I've been taking each October Afternoon collection separately and making 4 x 6 cards out of them to slip in my scrap album as I need them.

Some are for decoration for when I need to fill a spot or want something pretty, and some are for journalling on.

It's been fun to just use the papers I love so much and build up my stash of bits to use at the same time.

Above I'm using Schoolhouse and Report Card together because they're both school-y lines. A lot of the OA lines coordinate.

And I've discovered a real love for yellow and grey. I remember saying that combo would never come into my crafting kitchen, but it has through these collections.

You can't see it very well, but above there's a yellow and grey striped paper - it's on the bottom half of the card with the tartan in the corner.

I love that paper - you can see it here. It's called No 2 Pencil - very fitting.

The whole Schoolhouse collection is here. It came out two years ago? Back then they had six papers per line, but now they're doing nine and 12.

Sidewalks has nine.

Farmhouse and Sasparilla have 12. Holiday Style has 12 too. Nice.

They used to have a die cut paper with each collection, but they've ditched them for more regular papers. Boarding Pass is the last line to have a die cut paper - the stamp one.

I like the idea of having more patterns in the collections, so that'll be fun.

And what I'm most excited about is that they've bought back the journalling cards. I've miiisseed those. Oh, weelllcome back.

They're perfect for my scrapping albums because I either stick them to a 4 x 6 piece of paper from the same collection or just put them in the little pockets in Becky Higgins' page protectors (I use any and all brands).

Looking forward to using some Little Flyers too - so cute.

Anyway, back to the desk as it is - fun, messy and a really, really, great space for me.

Andrew stood there the other day and was impressed. He liked how it all worked and how I could see the telly and everything else all at the same time.

He gave it a thumbs up. So do I!

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