10 October 2011

A little story - custard

I realised the other day that I take weird photos sometimes. 

They're not weird to me because of course I took them for a reason, but still, weird to others that might see them on my camera. 

One of the weird ones is this one...

Yes, that's a custard powder box and container.

The back story?

When I make custard for us, I make it from the packet. I do not like the stuff that comes ready made from the supermarket - never have.

Thus the custard powder.

I've never stored it in anything except for the box until just over a week ago.

We were cleaning out the Tupperware (it's been a year since I moved it all out from the big drawers in the kitchen in an effort to sort it out and it was time to say yes or no once and for all) and I came across this jug, so aptly labelled for my needs.

It's my grandma's container.

I mentioned recently that she passed away over a month ago.

After 16 years of having custard powder in the box, I now have it in the container, thanks to my grandma.

I just wanted to take a photo of it is all.

And I'll put the photo in my album when I get it printed, so when I see it I can:

~ Be grateful for her for just being her.

~ Remember her whistling in her kitchen.

~ Smile.

Again I'm reminded of how good photos are. Printed photos, that is. I like 'em when they're printed, in an album and tell a story as a whole.

Love you, Grandma, love, love, love you. Thought of you the other day when I saw some jelly beans too...ah, the memories. So good.


  1. you lovely custardy note had me smiling with rememberance as well , My mum has just passed away and my sister and I have been clearing out her "stuff" sad moments and happy. We came across an ancient baking powder tin,yes,they were in tins in those days. Imagine hanging onto a tin for that long. But yes,memories. Dee

  2. Hi Dee, Yes, happy and sad moments all at the same time. I can imagine someone hanging onto things like that because my grandma used to do the same. Just ask my mum! She was the one who cleaned out most of her stuff. Anyway, all the best to you - hopefully you're doing okay with the loss of your mum. Hugs to you, Debra


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