29 September 2011

I've had a thing for typewriters recently...

...must've started with this...

It's my grandma's typewriter. I picked it up from her over a year ago now and she passed on over a month ago. Of course we've all been thinking about her a lot and her typewriter is one thing of hers that I'm lucky enough to have. It's big, but I love it.

Have been looking around the place for typewriter paper and stamps and've found these:

I've posted about this paper from Jillibean Soup before - got some in my latest Blue Bazaar order. I really like it. There are little messages on each of the typewriter papers...so cute.

The way that I scrap (using the divided page protectors) is my visual diary and just the place that I record stuff about us and for us. The typewriter thing just fits with it. It also says something about me, ie. that I like typewriters, I like cute and they remind me of my grandmother who used to belt out the church bulletin on it every week or month. She was always at her typewriter. Or at the table in the kitchen writing stuff.

At her funeral, Uncle Lindsay (my mum's brother) talked about Grandma and how she put the church recipe book together. It was no small undertaking and I realised that she was a book author like me. My mum is too, she's written Bible study books. Three generations of us, I'd never realised that before.

As my mum said to me once, memories ground us as people and make us feel like we belong. Another reason I scrapbook - photos and stories help me make connections and bring all that good stuff together.

Photos are worth spending time with, they've proved that to me on more than one occasion.

...big sigh....scrapbooking really is good for the soul.

Here are some more typewriter things I've found:

Sticky Keys from October Afternoon - you can see the rest of them here, as well as the Mini Market stickers. Love, love.

And from Hero Arts...

Retro Typewriter


Typewriter Letters

My Type


These are from Cavallini & Co and are called Vintage Office 

Maya Road - Just My Type

Say Cheese from Maya Road. 

I've also had a thing for cameras recently too. Same reasons as the typewriters - just for stamping in the scrapping stuff. 

American Crafts - Hello There set. 

Been throwing some old phones in there too. These remind me of my other grandparents.  

Kitch set by The (now defunct) Girls Paperie.

Inkadinkado - clear mini Camera

I had Grandma's typewriter on the bench for a while and during that time the family came over for dinner.

I put a bit of paper in it and typed this note because I knew they'd ask about it.

Sarah (niece, 13) had never typed on a typewriter before and Luke (nephew, 16) reeaallly missed the backspace, he said. Was funny to see them and hear them clacking away on it.

Nothing like the smell of an old typewriter, esp. one that was your grandmother's.

PS. Did a search on www.thefind.com for typewriter rubber stamps and found a few interesting ones plus a lot of typewriter alpha sets. It's always good seeing things in one place.

PPS. Did a search for camera rubber stamps too and found some tiny, hand carved ones being sold on etsy. So cute, check 'em out here and here (they're from the same seller). And check out this one - it looks like a Barbie camera, but it's a stamp!

PPPS. Just for kicks I did a search for sewing machine rubber stamps too - but this one's my favourite. What do you think, Sue?


  1. Lovely blog Deb. Love those stamps, the camera etc and the sewing machines. They are fab. The sewing machine on the cabinet is like Papa's mothers near our front door.

  2. I know, all the old stuff just rocks at the moment. It's very modern and vintage all at the same time. And of course there are memories surrounding them all too. It's all good.


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