28 September 2011

Fairy Dust Glitter + Daily Junque part 3

Hi there, 

Thought I'd show this last glittery flowery card today - the last one that I have photographed anyway. 

This one's my favourite, I think. 

Except for the fact that there's a little too much white space at the top of the card there. About a cm needs to be cut from the top...didn't notice it when I was actually making the card. 

This card isn't on a regular card base - I just folded the actual paper in half and added Tim's On the Edge File Tabs die on the side there.

Works a treat, that die, and it cuts through chipboard and acetate and all the other things that the steel rule dies can cut through.

Mine's just the paper like I said, and what especially rocks with the steel rule dies is that they cut paper and chipboard as well as each other.

That is, thin and thick.

And it cuts them neatly.

Just a few close ups of the bits on the card front.

I didn't stamp on this card. I don't think I thought of it at the time.

Did do the compulsory flower though.

Mixed Berries Fairy Dust Glitter on this one.

And a pink button from my stash.

And there was a smile on my face when I was done - except for a second when I noticed the extra white space that I should've cut off.

Oh well, still love it anyway.

So, you bought any Fairy Dust glitter yet? lol

I know I'll be using mine a lot. I'm thinking more Christmas stuff next....I'm on the hunt for some fun Christmas papers...


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