06 September 2011

The clipboard card

I promised I'd show you the card I made using these two pages from the Handyman book....

Here it is...it's a clipboard card.

You lift the brown bit and that's where the message is. Kinda fun, I thought.

Basically what I did was make the clipboard bit first - the chipboard back and the brown bit that you flick up with a few lined pages under there and a bulldog clip on the top.

Next I started on the decs. I found all sorts of materials and started layering them behind the picture (that I colour photocopied).

I used:

The index sheet from the book
magnet - that I embossed with a Herringbone Cuttlebug folder. Looks like a bit of tyre.
cardboard from a pizza box
kraft cardstock
double sided tape (as a decorative feature)
metal (embossed with Diamond Plate Cuttlebug embossing folder)
spotty paper (to look like a pegboard)
metal brads

I've found it's a good idea to go on a hunt for different textures when doing man stuff. You never know what you'll find around the house and how you'll use it.

Man cards = Grab and Spread Method

Grab anything from around your house (like all the stuff above) as well as all your regular card supplies (paper etc).

Spread it all out in front of you and see what you come up with!

Start with some papers, add some of those bits and pieces you found around the place and viola...a man card will emerge.

I hope so!

I've actually got a pile of man stuff in my cupboard right now actually...should drag it out again. It's been on the list for a while. I think I said earlier that my stash is very low and it is. I need to make some cards.

Anyway onto the close ups...things are basically just tucked in and tied on...

Hope you liked!

Have fun making some man cards for the fellas in your life and don't forget to make a matching envelope too. I did - forgot to make one for the card above - rats. Made some for the nephew cards though, so that's one thing (five things actually). A matching envelope always steps it up a notch, I reckon.


  1. You can't really tell in the photos, but it literally flips up like a piece of paper on a clipboard. Didn't take a photo of that bit unfortunately.

  2. Cool idea! I really like this ...

  3. Glad you like it, Sue!


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